Can You Cut Your Hair While Pregnant?

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Even when pregnant, women always want their looks to shine and be beautiful. Yet, hormonal changes in the body cause disturbances and affect appearance.

So, can you cut your hair while pregnant? Yes, you can entirely style your mane during pregnancy but with some safety measures.

Not only that but cutting hair during pregnancy is also spread with other ancient superstitions and myths.

The article will provide you with useful information on the above topic along with related content. Let’s refer to all the interesting info below!

Is It Safe to Cut Your Hair While Pregnant?

Right from the first trimester, the elders in your family and friends will likely give you advice about your health. However, one of them is sound like a myth.

Among the oldest superstitions related to pregnancy, getting a haircut is the most common. So what is the truth of this advice?


Many people think that mane is the part that helps protect your body from the cold. More than that, they believe that the hair contains an amount of the body’s energy.

Cutting your mane short means giving up a part of your life source. Its consequences are incurable diseases or shortened life expectancy.

Therefore, women should only wash, cut and dry their hair on special occasions and avoid them entirely during pregnancy.


There aren’t any scientific studies that show the adverse effects of haircuts on pregnant women’s health. On the contrary, it also carries several benefits.

Your body regularly secretes many hormones during pregnancy that cause an imbalance. This hormone change will drastically affect the texture and volume of the mane.

Many women find that their roots are dry and more prone to breakage. The haircut will help the overall mane look healthier, smoother, and more bouncy. This action is unlikely to harm the baby as it is not an invasive procedure.

On the other hand, makeovers involving chemical treatments like curling or dying can have side effects. To ensure your baby’s safety and yourself, you should get advice from your obstetrician.

hair loss during pregnancy
Lacking vitamins might make your hair falls off.

Is Cutting Hair During Pregnancy Bad Luck?

There are many beliefs, superstitions, or legends surrounding the haircut of pregnant women. In the following section, let’s explore some of the myths and truths behind them.

Loss Of Vision

Many women believe that cutting their mane during pregnancy will affect the eyesight of the fetus. Even this action will cause some defects in the baby’s body.

Although this idea sounds absurd and without any scientific evidence to back it up, many pregnant women swear by it.

Cutting hair is a non-invasive act on the body. So it will be challenging for the baby to experience negative effects while still in the womb.

Bad Luck

Another popular myth is that cutting your mane will bring many bad luck and problems to pregnant women. Spiritual people and superstitious people strongly believe in this matter.

When it comes to science, it’s easy to see that there’s no evidence to support this claim. A lot of women have had their hair cut during pregnancy but are still healthy and peaceful.

The haircut should be the choice of the individual pregnant woman. Your mane is yours, and only you can decide what to do with it.

Affected Appearance

Another folk saying is that this act will make the baby go bald at birth. This issue has no scientific basis because mane texture and volume depend only on hereditary and genetic factors.

Tips for Getting A Haircut During Pregnancy

Whether you want to keep your mane long or short, it’s your decision. Be confident in doing what makes your body and mind feel most comfortable during this period. However, you should still pay attention to some safety measures when going to a salon as follows:

The proper sitting position in the salon is necessary for pregnant women.
The proper sitting position in the salon is necessary for pregnant women.

Stay Away From Crowded Salon

Many older adults prevent pregnant women from going to the salon because it is often crowded and unhygienic.

Crowded spaces and busy barbers can be complex for you. The worst-case scenario is an accidental collision, and you get injured.

If you want to go to a salon, let the staff know in advance. They will suggest you book on available days to be on the safe side.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Consider waiting a little longer if you’re thinking about changing your look by dyeing, curling, or perming your hair.

These hairstyling methods involve the use of harsh chemicals, which can easily cause complications to the health of the mother and the baby.

If you still want to create complicated hairstyles, talk to your doctor before doing so. They will advise you on the best advice for the health of both mother and child.

Pick A Suitable Hairstyle

Your body will make a lot of hormones to change your body during your pregnancy. Most people will experience a sensation of edema that changes the shape of the face.

With full-shaped faces, you need to pay attention to choosing the right hairstyle. A pregnant woman’s mood changes like a roller coaster, so an unsatisfactory hairstyle will easily cause frustration.

Adjust The Proper Sitting Position

Pregnancy will make your body bulkier and heavier than ever. You quickly get tired when sitting on a chair for a long time.

So, you should prepare items such as pillows to support your sitting posture in advance to ensure optimal comfort.


If you still have any questions regarding haircuts during pregnancy, find the answers here.

Does The Sound Of A Hair Cutter Kit Affect Pregnancy?

Noise can cause stress on the mother and affect the developing fetus. Fortunately, a hair cutter kit doesn’t make a loud enough sound to bring about such negative effects.

However, you can also advise the staff in the shop to ensure safety. The best thing you can do is make an appointment on days when there are no visitors to limit background noise.

Can You Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy?

Although not too much research has been done on this, the chemicals in semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not overly toxic. So, they are safe for pregnant women. The other good news is that the skin will only absorb a small amount of the hair dye, so it is unlikely to affect the unborn baby negatively.

The mane that has passed through the hair follicles on your scalp is dead. It cannot absorb the dye into your body, as is believed. The mother’s hair dyeing frequency is not too much as they only go to the salon every eight weeks. It also means you only dyed three to four times throughout your pregnancy.

This frequency is not significant enough to cause serious health problems for you and your baby. The same goes for dyeing your hair while breastfeeding. Small amounts of this chemical will not harm the baby.

The main reason is that it is difficult for chemicals to enter the bloodstream and dissolve into breast milk. It makes it less likely that they pose a danger to the infant.

It is better safe than sorry, though. Many mothers still want to choose safer methods for their health. One of the safest hair dyes is highlight or ombre. The dye will not touch your scalp but only on the shaft of your hair.

Plant-based dyes are also a gentle and safe choice for the scalp. A prime example ingredient is henna. In addition, you can also talk with your doctor to get the most helpful advice.

Some popular tips for dyeing your hair while pregnant include:

  • You should wait until the second trimester to have your chemical treatments.
  • When dyeing your hair, you should wear gloves and do not leave the dye on the scalp for too long. Also, gently rinse the scalp with water after treatment.
  • The hair salon space needs to be spacious and airy.
  • You should not bleach and dye your eyebrows or eyelashes because it can easily infect the eye area.


Getting a haircut while pregnant is an act of self-beautification, and any woman can do it. Although there are many myths and oral traditions surrounding this issue, most of them have no convincing scientific evidence.

The best advice is to do whatever you feel comfortable and happy with. If you think you should get your haircut, feel free to contact the salon.

Thank you for reading!

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