Can You Use a Diaper Genie for Depends?

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All moms have to learn to get used to changing diapers. However, the problem will be troublesome if the family has both infants and adults.

You may have noticed the diaper genie in the corner in your search for a device to dispose of diapers. So, can you use a diaper genie for Depends or adult diapers?

Let’s see the device’s mechanism to find an accurate answer.

Should You Use a Diaper Genie for Depends?

Yes, you can use a diaper genie for Depends. However, this product will not be effective.

When using a diaper genie, your primary purpose is to maintain convenience, both in holding and handling dirty baby diapers. This diaper genie’s mechanism is the leading cause of the ineffectiveness mentioned above.

How Does a Diaper Genie Work?

A diaper genie is a disposal system that can prevent odors from the baby’s dirty diaper from rising. Its design is discreet enough to seal the dirt inside. Thanks to that, you will not smell any foul odors outside.

The mechanism of this type of disposal system also includes instant closing technology. It’s super convenient when you need to open the bin to throw the diapers in. As soon as you drop the used diaper inside, the flap closes immediately. Any foul smell will be prevented right at this part.

Some devices even have a carbon filter system specifically designed to prevent odors from escaping. However, it is only suitable for baby diapers.

Baby diapers often have a lighter smell than adult diapers after use. So smell locking will work less efficiently with Depends.

Size is also a factor worth noting. A diaper genie with a small shape will not able to hold too many Depends at once. This also means that you constantly have to change the refill bag inside the device. In the long run, the process is quite tiring and inconvenient.

The small flap also makes it more challenging to insert adult diapers. Besides, large diapers also prevent automatic door closing technology.

Compared to a regular trash can, a diaper genie is an intelligent choice and has more features. However, if you want to use it for Depends, the trash can is better. Its size is just enough for you to hold all the used diapers inside.

Is There a Diaper Genie for Adults?

Yes, there are diaper genies explicitly designed for adult diapers in the market and often called diaper pails. However, there are fewer models to choose from. For example, this adult diaper pail can contain 35 adult-sized diapers and 120 infant-sized diapers.

Adult Diaper Pails

A diaper pail also includes all the same technology as its mini version. You will own automatic opening and closing technology, anti-odor, and related features.

The size of this adult diaper genie is larger and more suitable for Depends. As a result, you will no longer have to struggle with disposing and changing bags every hour. Expanding the storage space saves effort and minimizes the cost you have to spend on the bag in the long run.

Even better, you can even choose products from high-end brands with carbon filter mechanisms. Some adult diaper pails have rubber gaskets with extra-thick linings to ensure maximum tightness, preventing odors from escaping.

Some brands may even use fragrances to put in the diaper pail bags. If you love this feature, then consider choosing it.

The ultimate goal of all these technologies is the ability to block odors effectively. From now on, say goodbye to the worry of living with the smell of dirty diapers in the home space.

diaper genie for adult diapers

How To Dispose Of Dirty Depends?

Disposing of used diapers is not an easy task. You need to take many steps to ensure the comfort of everyone, even health, and safety.

Dump Diaper Content

The first step that you should remember is decomposing and emptying the toilet bowl.

Human feces contain large amounts of bacteria and viruses such as E. coli, Gastrointestinal viruses, Polio, and Salmonella.

If landfills are not constructed properly, these bacteria can enter groundwater. In the long run, it will pollute the water source.

Wrap Up

You won’t leave the used diaper lying around. Instead, wrap it in a sealed bag. The proper wrapping method is to roll it into a tight ball. Then, use the tabs on the back to wrap around the front to secure.


After you’ve sealed all of the dirty adult diapers in a bag, it’s time to throw them away. Be aware that the odor may still linger somewhere in the air. So, you need to choose the disposal location carefully to avoid disturbing other residents. Suitable composting areas include public trash cans.

If you have an adult diaper pail, it’s better to put all of the used diapers into it and dump them when it is full. You’ll need to pack the diaper pail bag properly before taking it anywhere.

Some people wonder about burning used diapers to decompose. However, this method is also not a good way. The primary material of these diapers includes a large amount of plastic and chemicals. If present in a closed environment, they will produce dioxins and other harmful emissions to health.

Wash Your Hand

The final step is to clean your hands. Remember that bacteria and viruses can get on your hands in the form of tiny dirt. To make sure your hands are clean and safe, don’t forget to wash them with soap and water after taking out the trash.

Air Sick Bag

If you are on a plane, take a motion sickness bag from the seat pocket in front of you. Place the diaper in the bag and roll and secure it with clips. Then you can put them in the bathroom trash can on the plane.

If you’re a flight attendant, remember that throwing away diapers while serving food is forbidden. So consider tossing yourself or carrying a diaper bag with you.

Doggie Bags

You can fully utilize the “doggie bags” for those who love to move. This product is neat rolls of blue plastic bags that can be attached to a pet’s leash. So, it is also very suitable for storing several diapers during travel. You can find these products in the baby supplies section of your local store.


You can take advantage of a diaper genie for used adult diapers. Yet, it would be best if you did not use it in this way, even though it’s entirely possible.

The main reason is because of the size difference. Adult diapers are too large, so they won’t slip into the bag and limit the product’s odor-locking technology.

Instead, choose diaper pails explicitly designed for adults. They come with more advanced parts for safety and hygiene.

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