50+ Baby Names That Mean Colorful or Rainbow

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Parents are given colorful blessings in the form of babies. Babies, like rainbows, come into the lives of parents like you to beam light and make everything wonderful. They bring color to your life. You want your children to have a name that is unique and different.

Most parents, like you, choose names that reflect the personality traits they wish their child to have. Continue reading if you want your child to be an engaging person with a colorful personality. Following is a list of boy and girl names meaning “colorful” and “rainbow.”

Colorful Names for Boys

Arnan: This wonderful boy’s name is of British origin and means ‘joyful’ in English, which is perfect for the birth of a gorgeous rainbow baby.

Aaron: is a British name that means “miracle.” Another wonderful name for your little one.

Amal: This name comes from the Arabic language and signifies ‘hope.’

Ambert: is a name that has a German background. It means ‘bright light’ or shining light.’

Anmol: is a Hindi name with Indian origins that means ‘priceless’ or ‘precious.’

Abrik: is a Hindu boy’s name that translates to “precious as gold.”

Adam: it means to be red or red earth. Adam is a Hebrew word that relates to both the reddish tone of human flesh and the word for earth (adamah) from the bible.

Bonaventure: This rare and distinctive name (of British origin) signifies ‘good fortune.’

Blaine: is a Scottish surname originating from the Gaelic given name Bláán, which means “yellow.”

Boyd: is a Gaelic name that means “yellow, blond, or light hair.”

Bruno: is a name derived from the Germanic element brun, which means “armor, protection,” or “brown.”

Chazon: is a name that means ‘revelation,’ and it may suit spiritual parents because it encapsulates hope and light in one word.

Cole: is an English name that comes from Middle English and means coal-black or charcoal, which explains why it’s connected with these colors.

Douglas: is an Anglicized variant of the Scottish surname Dubhghlas, which means “Dark River” in Gaelic. It is derived from the words dubh “dark” and glais “water, river,” which is an old word connected to glas “grey, green.”

Dandelion: is a unisex name that means “lion’s tooth.” Most people relate it with the brilliant yellow plant, although it is a unique term.

Eliana: (Hebrew origin) means ‘my God has answered’ and is a popular name for both boys and girls born on a happy occasion.

Forest: is a Latin and French word that means “dark green,” as in the plants and trees of a forest.

Flynn: is a Gaelic word that means “red.”

Grayson: is a name with an English origin that means “son of the bailiff.” Gray or silver are the colors that are associated with it.

Gannon: is a Gaelic name that means “fair-skinned” or “fair-haired.”

Hazel: is derived from the English word hazel, which means “tree” or “light brown color.”

Linnaeus: This is a wonderful name for a small boy who is called after a blue or twinflower.

Marlais: is a Welsh name for a baby boy that means “blue.”

Nabhas: This term is given to someone who resembles the sky in color.

Nabhendu: This lovely name alludes to the lovely moon in the sky.

Rusty: This surname was obtained from the Old French term Rousel, which was taken from the Latin word russus, which signifies red.

Rainbow Baby Girl Names

Akako: This is a highly common name in Japanese cultures, and it translates to “red.”

Alhambra: If you want a unique name that is rarely used, this is it. The name means “red” and has Spanish origins. However, it is translated as “Red City” in Spain.

Azure: The beautiful stone lapis lazuli was known in medieval times as azure. This stone is used to make the vivid-blue pigment that is used in painting.

Blue: is a name that can be spelt in a variety of ways, and it has been used by a slew of celebrities, each of whom has spelled it differently.

Blaze: The color red is strongly associated with this name.

Cerise: is the French word for cherry, and it has a lovely, feminine ring to it.

Carmine: is a gorgeous name with a deep red connotation.

Clementine: is a name that has roots in a variety of languages, including French, German, Latin, and American. It means mercy, it sounds like a fruit’s name similar to an orange.

Dove: is an English word that means “warm grey or soft white with a tint of grey,” as if it were a bird.

Ebony: is a deep black wood that is frequently used in exquisite furniture.

Fawn: is a female given name that means “young deer.” A fawn is a sweet baby deer with doe eyes. That baby deer reminds me a lot of you. The color brown is linked with it.

Ginger: Although it’s more commonly used as a nickname for people with red hair, it’s also a great first name.

Hyacinth: it is a Greek word that means “flower.” Hyakinthos was the name of a young man Apollo adored, derived from the Greek word.

Iris: (Greek origin) although this term is commonly associated with the flower, it can also refer to a word in the Greek language that means ‘rainbow.’

Juane: is a variant of the Spanish name Juan, and it also sounds like the French word jaune, which signifies yellow.

Jade: is a popular green-inspired name in the United States. It comes from the Spanish language and means “side stone.”

Linnea: is a Swedish name that means “twinflower” or “lime tree.”

Lilac: this name, which has Arabic and French roots, implies pale bluish-violet, like the flower.

Mauve: is a delicate blue-purple-pink color with Latin and French roots.

Marigold: This name comes from the English word marigold, which refers to a yellow flower.

Melanie: is a Latin and Greek name that means “black or dark.”

Olive: is a lovely English name that means “olive tree.”

Primrose: This flower’s name conjures up pictures of soft, gentle blossoms.

Rosa: is a Spanish, Italian, and Latin name for a girl that means “rose” or “flower.”

Rouge: is a powder that is commonly used on the cheeks or lips. It can have a reddish tone, although it’s more common to see it in a pinkish tone.

Scarlett: is a variation of Scarlett and comes from the English word for red.

Teal: is a blue-green color that also happens to be the name of Gilmore Girls actor Teal Redmann.


There is bound to be something for everyone, ranging from the very unique to the more generic names. You, like any other parent, would want an equally beautiful name to go with your precious and beautiful baby girl or boy.

A name that can reflect his or her personality and is colorful in nature, like a beautiful rainbow shining after heavy rain. Whatever color you like, there’s a baby name for it. From this broad collection of bright and vibrant names for rainbow babies, we hope you find the best for your little one.

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