22 Fun Activities for Teenagers With a Broken Leg

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If you think that a broken leg is a serious obstacle to entertainment, you may not be quite right. The activities for teens with a broken leg mentioned in this post will help you have fun and get through this hard time.

Finding activities for him/her isn’t difficult; it simply takes some thinking, ingenuity, and planning. Let’s check this list out!

Fun Things to Do When You Have a Broken Leg

Once your kid has gotten over the initial agony and discomfort of being in a cast, it’s critical to find ways to divert their attention and keep them physically and intellectually occupied. So what activities will be acceptable?

1. Cast and Crutch Decorating

Draw something on crutches and casts. Make your cast look beautiful. Choose what you like. Some people turn their cast into the legs of their superheroes.

Your favorite food or drink, a sports team, your city, or just a beautiful landscape may inspire you.

If you are not talented enough to decorate your cast beautifully, ask a friend to help you with this. Ask him to draw a picture for you on a plaster cast, and you can decorate it.

Use permanent paint such as acrylic. If you are using spray paint, be sure to protect your skin so that paint does not come into contact.

2. Play Board Games

Although you are forced to stay at home, this does not mean that you should be bored alone. Invite your friends to play board games. Ask them to bring games they like. Alternatively, you can order pizza and have it with friends.

3. Video Games

Video gaming is one of the safest activities to entertain yourself while nursing a broken leg, particularly in the early stages. It keeps you occupied for hours while also allowing them to interact with and play with their peers.

Your teens can enjoy Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, Rocket League, Nintendo Switch, Overwatch, and PlayStation.

However, it’s crucial to remember that playing too much or too many video games may become addicting, so keep an eye on what your teens are playing.

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4. Solving Puzzles

Puzzles allow you to have fun. Try crosswords or puzzles. You can find a wide variety of crosswords online.

You can also find crosswords in newspapers. It is also possible to purchase magazines or books that contain a wide variety of crossword puzzles. They are usually not very expensive.

Want an extreme challenge? Try this Jigsaw Puzzle.

hardest puzzle

5. Lego Building

Activities that require a high concentration of attention can help you cope with anxiety from broken legs. When you put together a construction set, you distract from problems and concentrate on the present moment.

Surveys have shown that 91% of teenagers feel noticeably better after assembling a LEGO. You will get the most benefit if you give preference to constructors with a large enough number of parts. For example, build a bookstore with 2,504 cubes.

Painstaking work and cozy themes will help you immerse yourself in a state akin to a meditative one. And the benefits of meditation in dealing with stress are undeniable.

6. Painting

Try coloring pictures using adult coloring pages. Coloring pages are not just for kids. Purchase these coloring pages from an online store or bookstore.

In addition, you can find many coloring pages on the Internet. You need to print the desired one. Coloring pictures reduces stress levels. So take this opportunity.

7. DIY Crafts

You can devote as much time to your favorite craft as your heart desires. If you enjoy being creative, you now have a lot of time for that.

You may need help getting your workplace ready. By doing this, you can do what you like. You can find interesting ideas for DIY creativity on the Internet.

If you’ve never crocheted before, you can try crocheting. You will need several accessories, including a crochet hook, yarn, and scissors. There are many crochet tutorials on the Internet.

8. Watch TV Shows

You can watch your favorite movies and shows if you have cable TV. On the other hand, you can use the services of a platform that provides live streaming of various events.

Feature and advantage of such services is the ability to broadcast to any user with a minimum of required tools. Please choose one or two streaming services and subscribe to them. Use a computer, TV with built-in Internet access, or similar device.

9. Pool Lounging

Pool lounging is another of the most enjoyable activities to do with or for your adolescent child who has a broken foot. You may have a pool party with their pals to cheer them up and allow them to engage with others their age.

You may provide refreshments for them and allow them to listen to music while catching up on what’s happening and letting their pals know how they’re doing.

It’s important to remember that you should avoid getting it wet or swimming with it unless the cast is waterproof or covered in plastic or saran.

You may obtain fiberglass and waterproof casts, as well as coverings that allow your adolescent to swim nowadays. Before plunging in, have your doctor explain how to use and care for their cast.

10. Walking

Walking is a terrific activity to undertake, especially when the cast is ready to come off and your teen needs to exercise his leg muscles. When going for a stroll with a cast and crutches, aim for flat paths to begin with.

Your teens will not overexert themselves going up or downhill in this manner. Start with a short path and progressively expand the distance as time passes.

All you need is a quick walk around a nearby pond or down a boardwalk or a trip to grab an ice cream to get some exercise, fresh air, and pleasant sentiments.

It’s also a good idea to start with crutches and gradually remove them as the patient gains momentum and becomes more stable when walking on their own.

11. Meditation

Meditation is one of the ways that help a teenager get rid of the destructive emotions and experiences that he experiences.

Understandably, some teenagers find the idea of ​​sitting and breathing rather strange or downright boring. However, there are forms of meditation that give more freedom of choice, so to speak, for every taste.

For those who cannot sit still, movement during meditation can also be a form of relaxation. You can call it a kind of dynamic meditation.

This method allows the teenager to be alone with himself and at the same time to be in motion, not allowing negative emotions to get stuck in the tissues.

12. Learn an Instrument

Playing music is one of the safest activities to do with a broken leg. If your teens have a musical talent or wish to learn an instrument, now is the ideal time to start giving them lessons.

While in a leg cast is a great way to pass the time. There are a plethora of excellent lessons available online to assist you in getting started or learning new songs if you already have some expertise.

13. Grow Indoor Plants

Growing indoor plants is an interesting and useful activity, especially when you have a lot of time sitting in your room with a cast.

You can spend time with them, caring for them, watering them, buying beautiful pots for them, and talking to them. A person who gets pleasure from this will get pleasure, satisfaction, and tranquility in the soul.

14. Join An Online Community

Teenagers develop social skills through connecting with others and practicing them. Make music, dance, or sing along to a favorite song with your friends.

Find a local music class or invite teens from your community to play dates with you. The teenagers can participate in local communities or churches to improve social problem-solving abilities and collaborate.

15. Virtual Museums

It will be great when you make a virtual museum tour instead of sitting bored at home with a cast. Thanks to these activities, it will be possible to brighten up being at home and gain new experience, knowledge, and sources of inspiration.

Google Arts & Culture, a virtual digital platform, initially offers exhibits from 17 museums. You can admire the collections from all over the world, including the National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico City), the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), the Pergamon Museum (Berlin), the Paris Musée d’Orsay and many others.

The main advantage of this huge virtual museum is the ability to examine everything very carefully, thanks to access to the works in the highest possible resolution.

16. Reading

If you have an ebook or regularly visit the library, you can access many books. Just go to your library website and look for a list of ebooks. Most libraries have ebooks that allow you to read them within a certain time.

17. Listening To Music

Many websites offer music for all tastes that you can listen to in unlimited quantities. For example, if you are a user of an audio streaming service that allows you to listen to music, you have the option to listen to music for free.

However, you may occasionally hear advertisements. Alternatively, you can use the Pandora internet music streaming service.

You can select a music artist, after which the system searches for similar songs. By using the “like” or “dislike” functions, you can often tune the “radio station” to his liking.

This service is free of charge. However, you can pay a fee to get rid of ads.

18. Spend The Day At The Gym

If your loved one can take you to the gym, you can do exercises like the high block press. You can also do shoulder press and bench press.

In addition, you can do an exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles: lifting the torso to the knees from a supine position. If you can afford it, use the services of a personal trainer who can find the right program for you.

19. Start Blogging

If you have a broken leg, it means that you can spend a lot of time at the computer. Blogging is a great way to keep your mind busy.

There are many sites on the Internet to host blogs for free. Write about your life or choose a topic that is close to you. Your blog can be about anything from cooking to parenting.

20. Writing

If blogging isn’t your thing, you can still write. Consider writing a novel or poetry. If you don’t know where to start, use the book on how to write literary works found in the electronic library.

21. Take Up The Study Of A New Language

If you have a smartphone, you can use the app to learn a new language. Choose a popular and free app.

Many programs offer game-like activities. These interests will make it easier for you to stay motivated. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use a tablet or computer.

22. Take A Free Online Course

Develop your intelligence by taking a free online course. Many sites offer courses that allow you to listen to lectures, interact with other students, and even earn certifications upon completion of the program. Choose an online course that suits you best.

Some universities offer these types of courses on their websites. Thanks to this, you can thoroughly know the chosen subject.

You can find out the top free online courses websites in 2021 – 2022 in the video below:


Finally, this article has given you fun things to do with a broken leg, as a teen.

Hopefully, you’ve found one or two things that will help your teenager heal while still being enjoyable. The hobbies and interests can help them maintain mental and physical wellness.

The biggest problem for parents is to keep their children safe from re-injury and to provide them with all they need to recuperate.

Please share your experience to help other parents deal with their hyperactive teens. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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