10 Mommy Blogs for Millennial Moms

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Being a parent is hard work. Whether you’re a dad or mom, parenting can take a big toll on you, and at times, it gets tough. Being a dad, you have to take care of all the household and make sure all the necessities are met. As dads are usually out taking care of all the expenses, moms have it even tougher.

Moms have to take care of the baby, make sure he or she is well fed, is staying out of trouble, and is healthy and safe. If you’re a working mom, it makes everything even harder as all of your responsibilities would be doubled.

Top 10 Millennial Mom Blogs

1. Mom To Mom Nutrition

The name makes it obvious that this blog is about your family’s nutrition. The blogger, Katie, is an Italian dietician. She started this blog when she was blessed with not only two or three but four beautiful babies. She always was very anxious and unsure about what to feed her babies like basically every other new mom.

Even though she’s an expert in cooking and loves to eat all sorts of food, but it was different for her babies. In this blog, she improves your confidence in feeding your babies by telling her story and experience about the foods that were great for her kids and the foods that weren’t so good or beneficial.

2. At Home With Natalie

The blogger Natalie Lesnefsky is a mom of five. She’s a DIY and lifestyle blogger. She’s also a YouTuber, and her channel is about simple party planning strategies and ideas that are yet simple to prepare but unique.

She takes common store stuff like snacks or simple-looking cakes and converts them into something special and unique, something that will attract kids. She’s an expert at hosting amazing yet simple parties. Her blog can always come in handy whenever your little one is about to have their birthday soon.

3. Babygaga

Babygaga is the complete encyclopedia of parenting for millennial moms. It is full of pregnancy-related tips, tricks, and suggestions related to good healthcare products, tips about parenting, and all the good little parenting hacks.

Babygaga also helps you figure out which are the best products, whether they’re food products lotions, or anything. This blog has got you covered in the parenting section. You can also know about all there is to know about celebrity parents, and not only that but Babygaga also offers insight of a community that discusses relatable questions with useful answers. This blog is the complete guidebook related to parenting.

4. Rockin Mama

Rockin Mama started when a NICU mom started posting her one-year baby boy and showing what he did and what she did, she wasn’t trying to be famous, but eventually, her posts grabbed attention at how genuine the content was and because how much people liked it. So, she continued what she did best, and til now her blog has been mostly about basically a little of everything. She gives kid-friendly reviews of all the new movies and talks about gluten-free recipes.

5. 24/7 Moms

When you’re a busy mom, you can’t call in sick or take a day off. A mom’s duty is constant, and the responsibilities are endless. The 24/7 mom blog is all about this. They know you can’t call in sick or take a vacation, so the moms there are always willing to help. The moms at 24/7 moms always have the best advice on budget. In addition, they have the best holiday preparation ideas and offer the best meal plans that are always different and healthy. The blog also has a bonus section of marriage-related advice, so your married life is as healthy as everything else they have to offer.

6. Smart Mom Ideas

This blog has everything to help you in motherhood, pregnancy, breastfeeding. It has all the best tips and hacks related to being a mom not only that, but it has tips about money, so whenever you’re on a tight budget, you know what to get. Smart mom ideas also talk about food, so you have an idea of what’s good and what’s not really that healthy.

7. Brittany Robertson

This blogger is a stylish southern girl with three kids, and she’s a foster to adoption advocate. She shares her cute little family and has some of the best advice and tips related to beauty and grooming. She also talks about fashion and gives you budget tips. If you wanted to look fabulous without spending a lot, her advice would be the best.

8. Scary Mommy

Parenting is not easy, and everybody knows that. It can definitely be a pile of mess at times and can truly be chaotic when you’re overwhelmed about everything. The imperfections in your parenting life bother you. The Scary Mommy blog talks about exactly this topic. It’s a pretty different blog that lets you understand that all this chaos and imperfections are completely natural and normal.

It has all sorts of stories from all sorts of moms from all sorts of places that make you feel like you’re not alone at this, and others too can feel and go through the things you go through. Scary mommy has the best and most honest advice related to children, relationships, fun, parenting, and pregnancy.

9. Lucie’s List

It gets very anxious for a mom when a new baby is about to come, and you can’t figure out what’s the most important thing to get first. Lucie’s List is a blog that helps you make better decisions about what to get and what not to.

10. Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Picks is a blog that reviews and tests all the products you were unsure about. With cool mom picks, you will never have to think twice about getting something for your little one ever again.


Moms have it tough, especially new moms, but with the help of all these useful blogs, no mom would ever feel too overwhelmed or anxious.

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