10 Millennial Mom Blogs You Should be Following

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Millennial? Mom? Check, and check. That exquisite alliteration sounds more elegant than the reality of your day-to-day life.

You rush from point A to point B, and somehow, you manage to work and teach your munchkins how to take over the world without anyone squashing their sensitivity or badassery. Not to mention all the dishes and meal planning left to do, but fortunately, as a millennial mom, you’ve got an app for that. For everything else, you should trust in these 10 millennial mom blogs. Get ready to hit follow on these lovely ladies.

Bianca Dottin

Bianca does it all, and I’m dotting on her blog. Based in Orlando, Florida, lifestyle expert and millennial mom Bianca Dottin takes you on a journey through her personal experiences while providing the how-tos and extras on parenting, beauty, fashion, home, traveling and recipes.

I love her crisp images and relatable posts, and woman, do I want to dive right into this southwest quinoa and egg breakfast bowl.

Twins Mommy

Struggling to keep track of more than one kiddo and venturing on the mompreneur pathway? You need some Twins Mommy in your life.

Her posts are super-newbie-blogger friendly, and her little-known SEO tips for new bloggers is spot-on. While it sounds counter-intuitive, Elna says you better claim long tail keywords to grow your traffic and rank your blog first in the search listings. She’s got a great mompreneur Facebook support group, and her blog impresses upon you that you can be a stay-at-home mom and eat your mompreneur cake too, even with twins. Huzzah!

The (Sometimes) Single Mom Blog

Talk about a niche with personality and humor! Single moms are obviously badass, but what do you do when you’re not married but not necessarily single either? You own it, whether you made it six months or a year or a whole decade as a (sometimes) single mama.

Check out Kristi’s blog to hear all about the (sometimes) single mom life, from fitness and time-saving tips to being a boss mom and a modern millennial mama — and everything in-between.

Mediocre Millennial Mom

Okay, so I have to admit spending a solid hour of my millennial mom life laughing over Mediocre Millennial Mom’s “Mom Shirts that Describe Your Life,” and my two favorites are “They whine, I wine” and “World’s Okayest Mom.” I think I’ve won that last award a few times by now.

That’s what she’s getting at — I love how this blogger, a nurse and mommy of two, celebrates the usual oddities and screw-ups of just getting through motherhood, along with the many rewards that come up in the process.

Mindfulness Mama

Woah, she sounds familiar. Hm. Got to love that alliteration.

Not to toot my own horn — but toot, and doo-bah doo-bah skittles-dee-dah — my blog’s pretty awesome. Hey, I’m Jennifer Landis, and this is Mindfulness Mama. I won’t sell you Vitameatavegamin since these are millennial mama times, but I like to think I bring doses of humor, realism and — of course — mindfulness to my readers.
From finding mindfulness in parenting a strong-willed child to doing yoga on rest days, settle in for a read while your partner tries to find your keys for the fifth time today. You got this, mama, and when stressed, it’s okay to make your mantra “Om, nom, nom — cheese-caaaake.”

Millennial Mommy

First, what you need to know about Millennial Mommy is that she’s real — feeling at a loss, laughing about the latest installment in the Chloe diaries or waxing real cynical about her love-hate relationship with grocery shopping. There’s love in the ability to blast your fav music and have time to yourself along with hate in food waste and rising food prices. Reading Jessica Wright’s posts are like setting down to a long overdue coffee with a fellow mom and letting it all hang out.

Our Little Sweet Nest

Jen writes with transparency about millennial motherhood, marriage and life. She began writing when she felt isolated and wanted to encourage other moms. Got to love that too, and her posts talk about such topics as how to make your marriage a priority and achieve the seeming impossibility of living minimally as a mom.

She also discusses what it means to do the millennial mom hustle — how do you find relief when you spend your days seeped in technology, motherhood, school, work and the chores of a to-do list that never ends? Don’t forget this gem: “Good for her. Not for me.”

Organizing Motherhood

Julia writes about juggling motherhood, money and marriage, which is all good and well, but I go to her blog for all the crafts and solid child-safe recommendations. She does honest reviews about topics like cute and hilarious short cartoons like “Kiddyzuzaa Land” — the evil princess doesn’t think she’s good at being bad. Oh, there’s more where that came from.

Millennialist Mom

Can’t get more millennial than a millennialist mom. As a mother, wife, Floridian and chronic relaxaholic, Ashley and her blog embrace “all things basic” with no sugar-coating what it means to be a mom today. Her posts talk about managing money, frugal living, finding time, working and hacking the mom life. May Saturdays always be Self-Care Saturdays, because work-at-home moms deserve it.

Energy for Moms

Alicia wants her fellow millennial moms to seize the day, live their lives to the fullest and find what success means to them. For example, she managed to kick her sugar habit and eat like a leader, which means that she zeroed in on why she repeated the cycle — it came down to adjusting a bad attitude and negative self-talk. You, too, can do!

I adore these 10 millennial mom blogs — yes, including my own. Us millennial moms are an unprecedented breed in modern society, and we honestly need all the help we can get. When you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, ruminate on the feeds for these blogs.

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