Why Crow Pose Is My Fave and Should Be Yours, Too!

Stickney_Brook_Yoga_272Crow pose, or Bakasana, can be a super intimidating part of yoga practice. It looks impossible, and for your first and second time trying it, it’ll probably feel impossible, too.

However, it really isn’t — and it’s so worth mastering.

Your first few times trying crow pose, you might fall directly on your face. With some practice and a lot of trust in yourself, though, it’s possible to master this seemingly impossible pose. The first time you succeed, you’ll feel amazing, and the benefits will just keep coming.

Here are a few tips on mastering crow pose as well as a couple reasons why falling on your face a few times is eventually going to be worth it.

Tips for Mastering Crow Pose

Like with all yoga practice, while you’re practicing crow pose, you should be confident and have faith in your body’s abilities to do what you are asking it to do. Simply telling yourself you can do this pose and letting your body and mind work together will make all the difference.

You also have to let go of fear. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that the floor is only a few inches away. Even if you fall, you won’t get hurt (although do make sure you’re practicing on a yoga mat or another soft surface).

All in all, you just have to go for it! Don’t worry about failing. Confidently move into the pose and eventually you will get it every time.

How to do Crow Pose

Start in a low squat with your feet hip-width apart. Lift your heels and place your elbows on the insides of your knees. Push your elbows out against your knees and keep your hands facing forward.

Next, slowly and gently start to lean forward keeping your head lifted. Place your hands in front of you (not right below the shoulder) about shoulder-width apart.

Here comes the tricky part. Move into the pose by leaning forward, lifting your hips and pushing your hands into the floor creating a 90-degree angle in the elbow. When you feel stable, lift one foot off of the floor followed by the other.

Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle and find balance and stability. Your arms and core should be activated, but keep your breathing steady. You are in crow pose.

Take a few breaths and then place your feet back on the floor. You did it!

Benefits of Crow Pose

The most obvious benefit of this pose is working your core and arm muscles. It also will help your wrist strength, stretch and open your back and inner thighs as well as tone and strengthen your abdominal wall and organs — which can help relieve indigestion and lower back pain.

Crow pose is also great to include in yoga practice because it, as well as other yoga moves, improves your mental focus and endurance. Such a tricky and scary pose forces you to focus, trust your body and keep working for it.

Once you master crow pose, you won’t regret what it took to get there. This is an awesome pose for so many reasons, so get on that mat and start practicing!

Photo Credit: Matthew Ragan 

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