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What Are the Best Free Enneagram Tests?

Many of us find ourselves fascinated by human psychology. In other words, we love to self-analyze to figure out how and why we tick. These days, there’s a ton of tests and quizzes that we can use to narrow down our personality types — and the Enneagram of Personality remains extremely popular.

If you’re curious about this model, take a look to learn more about some of the best free Enneagram tests.

What is the Enneagram?

Though many experts debate the origins of the Enneagram, most recognize that the contemporary model dates back to the 1950s. The Enneagram divides behaviors and tendencies into nine classifications. Some of these personalities relate to one another, so they’re depicted inside of a connected, nine-pointed plane figure. This geometric design follows certain spiritual traditions that emphasize unity.

Each of the nine types includes various characteristics such as fears, desires, temptations and passions. These traits emerge from multiple psychological theories and ancient religious wisdom. Oscar Ichazo, a teacher from Chile, created the Enneagram based on his method of “protoanalysis.” This method highlights a comprehensive evaluation of the human form.

Most experts refer to the types by their numbers. When stressed or relaxed, one kind may become another. For instance, a Type 4 may take on Type 2-like traits if they’re anxious, while they’re more of a Type 1 when they’re at peace. The nine personalities include:

  1. The Reformer
  2. The Helper
  3. The Achiever
  4. The Individualist
  5. The Investigator
  6. The Loyalist
  7. The Enthusiast
  8. The Challenger
  9. The Peacemaker

These personalities encompass a variety of components, and most include subtypes or modifications. Many experts believe that they can’t evaluate the Enneagram as factually scientific because it fails to be valid or reliable as a psychological exam. That said, an Enneagram test may allow you to take a closer look at your thoughts and actions.

List of Free Enneagram Tests

If you want to learn more about your personality, you can take a variety of free Enneagram tests.

1. The Enneagram Personality Test

Truity, a psychometrics company, offers a free version of the Enneagram quiz. It consists of 105 questions that revolve around personal experiences and actions, all of which identify how you manage your emotions and view the world. Like many other websites, Truity asks users to take this test for their own benefit. Because of the Enneagram test’s personal results, employers shouldn’t use it for work environments.

2. The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

Otherwise known as RHETI, many people consider this test to be the most popular version of the Enneagram. Researchers find it to be a heuristic technique, so it provides an overview of each personality type in addition to your own. Though a full version of this quiz costs money, you can take a sample test that includes fewer questions at 9types.com.

3. Eclectic Energies Enneagram Tests

Eclectic Energies provides two separate Enneagram quizzes — a classic format, plus one that addresses instinctual subtypes. The traditional test asks a variety of nine questions until it comes to a verdict about your personality type. The other asks you to rate characteristics. You can’t go wrong with either assessment, but you’ll find that the second quiz takes a more in-depth approach.

4. The Enneagram Test

Created by artificial intelligence startup Crystal, this Enneagram questionnaire focuses on how people communicate with and relate to others. They supply an extensive look at each personality type, plus each one’s potential “wings.” These tidbits of data allow you to look more deeply into your assigned characteristics. Crystal offers an in-depth description of the test and why you may find it to be useful.

5. Open Enneagram of Personality Scales

This version may be one of the best free Enneagram tests, as it provides an assessment within about five minutes. After you answer 36 questions, you’ll receive an assigned personality type. It was created after an initial trial run that asked users to complete the test if they already knew their Enneagram score. Its disclaimer highlights the fact that no one should take this test as a substitute for psychological evaluation.

6. TrueSelf Personality Test

Through TrueSelf’s Enneagram quiz, you’ll find a series of questions that lead to extensive results. This test takes about 10 minutes to complete, but the comprehensive information presented at the end makes it worthwhile. If you create a profile, you’ll be able to see scores from loved ones and co-workers. Then, you may be able to understand their actions with greater clarity.

Determine Your Enneagram Results Today

These are some of the best free Enneagram tests on the Web. They’ll gather various indications about your personality and come to a detailed conclusion about your nature. You can use your results to identify your strong and weak spots. Complete one today to see how you tick — and remember to take your results with a grain of salt!


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