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yoga mom blogs

The thousands-year-old tradition of yoga sprouted yogini wings out of India in the ‘80s and swept the rest of the world — the west hasn’t been the same since. Yoga comes in many diverse forms with just as diverse practitioners, but the heart of the practice stays the same.

Moms and yoginis go together like salt and pepper these days, and yoga does wonders for mom bods and souls.  The following 10 yoga mom blogs talk about it all: natural living, pain relief, fitness, maintaining a yoga practice with kids, and using mindfulness to get through birth and the day, among much more.

Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi gives pregnant yogis and new mamas to-the-point wisdom straight from pre/postnatal yoga instructor Erica. She takes you through all you need to know about safe yoga poses for moms and how to stay focused on your practice with kiddos running amok. Definitely check out the Yoga Humor category for kicks, snickers and uncontrollable giggles.

Gigi Yogini

That’s her blog name — don’t wear it out. In real life, Gigi is Brigitte Kouba, who lives in Santa Monica, California, and talks about her experiences as a new mom and yogi. She offers leadership circles and pregnancy body-image tips. Her charming, honest and hilarious tone will give you the positive boost you need on a tough day.


Turkesha McIvy’s Naturalbabydol blog covers her yoga journey, parenting, healthy eating and natural living. She celebrated her two-year yogaversary last year and encourages others to honor their emotions and get back on the horse as a mama warrior.


Sara James is a writer, mom and wife with a love for yoga, mindfulness, beauty and natural living. James started her first class in 2013 after 10 years and never looked back. She talks about her favorite products, places and poses — some of which her two kids eagerly jump in on.


Rebekah Borucki, known as Bex, is the owner of BEXLIFE® and does it all: mom-of-five, meditation guide, yoga instructor, birth doula, author, TV host and speaker. Her blog explores multiple categories but offers in-depth information on meditating during labor and with your kids, feeling sexy during and after pregnancy, and other parenting and yoga-focused topics.

Whole Mama Yoga

Lauren and Alexandra run Whole Mama Yoga, and their blog apologizes for nothing. They go over the awkward and great parts of being a mom, eventually getting shut-eye and using yoga to recover postpartum and stay happy and fit in general.

Yoga Mamas

The Yoga Mamas blog built itself out of the two passions of yoga and motherhood to form a tribe of its own. The blog is run out of Australia and discusses everything from including mudras in your yoga practice to paying attention to your pelvic health as a mom. They also help you find time when you think you have none. Who knows? You may join the tribe on one of their many Yoga Mamas retreats.

Yes Yoga

Tessa Welsh runs Yes Yoga and writes primarily about listening, acceptance and self-care as a mama and yoga practitioner. If you don’t take care of yourself, then how can you support your family and baby?

Curious to know about using yoga to prepare for birth or relieve pregnancy heartburn? Check out Welsh’s blog where she discusses yoga, birth, birth stories and self-love. She also holds workshops and teaches yoga.

Jenny Rolls Yoga

Jenny Rolls uses her knowledge as a mama of two and registered yoga instructor to dive right into mama yoga life and practice. She’s studied pre/postnatal yoga, yin yoga and kripalu yoga. Her posts cover such topics as doing yoga around the munchkins and yoga for self-love.

Peace-Filled Mama

Mama, domestic goddess, yoga instructor and adventurer Kelly Carboni-Wood believes mothers shouldn’t do the mom thing in isolation — it’s a community effort — and her blog offers a support system. Carboni-Woods found yoga through a yoga magazine, and since her first pose, she kept going and dedicated her life to natural living and joy with her son.

Yoga gives you one hour out of your day where directions, theoretically, actually get followed. If you take part in a class, you experience the beautiful flow of form and energy as bodies and spirits synchronize. If at home, you balance your munchkin like a goat on your back, but you still flow — or try to flow. Hey, remember: Goat yoga is a thing, and that’s probably how they came up with it.

Your day probably flows normally from thoughts of “Did I feed the cat?” to “What will the kids wear today, and do I really need a shower and clothes?” Yoga unites the chaos and encourages you to breathe through it all. Being a yoga mom is pretty sweet at the end of the day.

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