The Best Mindfulness Blogs of 2018

You know this mama loves her some mindfulness, and it’s high time I shared my favorite blogs with you. See, when I pass the knowledge on, that gives me the perfect excuse to expand my “Favorite Mindfulness Blogs” bookmarks list.

As the pace of the world quickens, I need to remind myself to regulate my thoughts and emotions and take time for self-love. Improving the mind, body and soul is a natural part of the human journey as we ache to explore what being alive means. Insight from others helps affirm, ground, center and shake up what we think we know and what our hearts feel. Whether you want to boost your productivity, tone your body or tick off items on your bucket list, check out these 10 best mindfulness blogs of 2018.

Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders, aka Blonde on a Budget, revs up the mind’s engine to achieve more. In two years, she paid off $30,000 of debt, and demonstrates how to look closely at your incoming and outgoing cash flow by showing off hers as a monthly example. She’s an avid traveler and inspires everyone on a budget to get out there and see the world.

Topics: Budgeting, minimalism, simplicity and travel

The Blissful Mind 

Catherine blogs at The Blissful Mind, where and each of her posts offers a relevant takeaway. Check out her calendar for self-care, and sip some tea as you peruse her heartening insights and tips on getting by and making time for your loved ones and more space for yourself, blissfully.

Topics: Mindfulness, minimalism, productivity, wellness and self-care

Smart Twenties

Sam empowers women over at Smart Twenties to make the most out of their 20s. She offers courses, blogs and podcasts, and her voice makes me feel so relaxed. Listening to gems about what it’s like to really invest in yourself or the importance of living with a growth mindset makes me look back on my 20s with a new insight each time. Her wisdom is for the ages.

Topics: Lifestyle and personal growth

Career Girl Daily

Don’t fret about your accomplishments. Career Girl Daily covers dressing for success, nailing the interview and making your career work for you. Each post holds a mindful tone, discussing such topics as simplifying your life or planning the perfect week in three steps.

Topics: Beauty, career, fashion and lifestyle

The Sunday Chapter

Angela wants her readers to lead an adventurous and stylish life, and her content at The Sunday Chapter uplifts while she provides sweet tips on beauty, food, style and travel. From finding more confidence and investing in the perfect denim skirt for you, Angela’s got you.

Topics: Beauty, food, lifestyle and travel

The Everygirl

The Everygirl has earned a reputation for being the go-to self-improvement blog, right up there with Mind Body Green and TinyBuddha, but it doesn’t have the feel of a major online magazine. It’s more of a community where all the mindful everygirls come together to talk life and career.

Aside from career pursuit advice, you get sales alert posts on your favorite clothing brands, like a text from your bestie, and real guidance about how to stop thinking those toxic thoughts that hold you back from being the best you every day.

Topics: Beauty, career, culture, fashion, living, travel and wellness

Embracing Simple

Christina is passionate about intentional living. She created Embracing Simple to help readers reduce the stress and clutter in their lives, including an eight-week course to get rid of what’s unnecessary and redefine how you see your possessions. Most of her topics center on self-development and leading a simple but fulfilling life, and she offers helpful tips to start your own blog.

Topics: Blogging, business, household tips and self-development

The Wonder Forest

Dana lives to create, explore and inspire at The Wonder Forest, with empowering and practical solo traveling tips, fashion advice, how-to-blogging and other wondrous topics. Her books, iPhone cases and accessories are rad, too.

Topics: Create, explore and inspire

Boho Berry

Love to plan and journal? Kara, also a jewelry maker, started Boho Berry to create a community where truth seekers create, learn, grow and share. Her topics are for self-improvers, goal setters and dream chasers. Many of her posts cover bullet journaling and the art of planning to achieve your goal. She offers free printables and ships out fun pens and other journaling materials.

Topics: Achieving your goals, bullet journaling and living better

Yogi Approved

The content at Yogi Approved primarily focuses on the benefits of yoga poses for overall health, but it also discusses spirituality and mindfulness. Who couldn’t use more balance in their life? Find a meditation style that works for you and breathe easier.

Topics: Health, meditation, yoga and wellness

These mindfulness blogs make up my favorite list of 2018 for finding balance, inspiration and tips to get through the day with more self-empowerment. Sit down with a soothing cup of tea, and click first where your gut tells you — your intuition is a powerful thing.

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