Tea-rrrific! Ice Cream is Terrific

Ladies and gentlemen, I have never been more excited to receive an email than I was the day I received one with this subject line:

Tea-Infused Ice Cream 🙂

That’s all it took. I would literally do anything to try Tea-Infused Ice Cream. Lucky for me, I didn’t really need to do much. Just write this silly little post. About the glorious, luscious, fabulous, incredible, wonderful Tea-rrific! Ice Cream.

And let it be known that they are not paying me to write what you can already tell is a glowing friggen’ review – all they did was send me free ice cream. (Yes. I’m that easy, people.)  

The Glorious Flavors

Tea-rriffic! offers seven flavor varieties :

  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Ginger Matcha
  • London Mist
  • Chunky London Mist
  • Masala Chai
  • Chamomile
  • Lavender’s Blueberry

All seven are made with hormone-free cream, nonfat dry milk, cage-free eggs, and organic evaporated cane sugar. I was sent three samples of my choosing which literally was more difficult than naming my child. I wound up selecting Ginger Match (because ginger, people), Chunky London Mist, and Masala Chai.

It arrived at my doorstep just in time for Thanksgiving…and thus began the journey of Jen gaining 8 pounds during the holidays… but I digress…to the taste test!

The Taste Test

To avoid being a total glutton, I decided to share it with some friends.

The consensus?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, clearly I was a huge fan. I am a tea drinker through and through, and it was such a fun experience tasting tea in my favorite dessert.

The Ginger Matcha was silky and the ginger was prominent – which I loved. The green tea flavor was subtle, but noticeable and pleasant. This was the least favorite flavor among the tasters. Not because it was bad – but because the other two were just that good.

Next, we tried the Chunky London Mist and it did not disappoint. Chunky from bits of dark chocolate and sweet pecans mixed into an earl grey infused ice cream. This one was the fan favorite. I was so happy with how (for lack of a better term) tea-y this was! I was expecting it to be more bergamot-y maybe, but this had a richness from the black tea that was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be and more.

My favorite was the Masala Chai. Granted, I am a Chai fanatic, having 4 different varieties of it at home in my cupboard to date (Standard, Decaf, Vanilla Caramel, and Coconut….in case you were wondering) and this ice cream was like the sweet, sweet love child of your favorite chai tea and like…a pumpkin pie. All of the spices you love in a pumpkin pie are in chai – so it makes sense. I really wanted to try to make a float with some chai tea and this ice cream…but I polished off the pint before I could. Ooopsies.

Though there are not too many retailers purveying this frozen magic, you can order right off their website. At $10 a pint, it’s a little steep for your everyday dessert, but as a special treat I would pay more for this stuff.

I miss it already.

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