Why I Love Setting Goals – and You Should, Too!

Procrastination used to be my default station. Now, I make the goal-setting junction my new focusing function!

Jokes aside, I love to set goals and you should, too. Goal setting doesn’t have to be boring or dreaded. Starting small with an accessible goal is always a good idea, but these steps are easy to put off. It’s too easy to talk yourself out of doing things that will do major good in your life.

You set goals and see them manifest when you focus on that future good in the now. Goals manifest when you have fun with the process and carry on with passion, action and focused determination.

Goal Setting Is Innately Human and Will Put You on the Path of Purpose

When you set, write down and share your goals, your likelihood of reaching these accomplishments increases. As humans, we need goals. It’s in our DNA, to evolve and grow. That’s why you always seek improvement and happiness in your life, in your career, in your relationships and in your self-development.

You’re kicking as hard as possible on your way to your dreams, but you feel lost. There’s always more to do in every aspect of life. Do what Dory says in “Finding Nemo” and just keep swimming.

What Do You Want to Happen?

First, you need to discover what you want to happen. That means writing down your ideas, which is scientifically proven to boost the achievement of those goals by 42 percent. That’s because you’re literally manifesting the seedling of them in the moment. It’s a metaphoric action grounded in science.

In the beginning, keep your list short and simple. Simple doesn’t mean you’re selling yourself short. Too many ideas overwhelm, and you could find yourself drowning in the sea of potential rather than swimming. Take a few breaths and tune into what pulls you.

Start writing. Get as creative and wacky with your list as you want. Sketch. Make a collage. Summarize each idea in a few sentences, turning your ideas into goals. Share your ideas with friends to really feel motivated.

Which Goals Are Short or Long Term?

You will intuitively know which goals are short term and which are long term. The steps that go into making your goals happen may extend or shorten them, but that’s not the focus right now.

Some goals you’ll be able to accomplish within a week or month, and others may take a few years. Knowing the life span of your goals in general will help you develop the necessary steps to manifest them.

Create Your Path to Each Goal’s Manifestation

It’s important to be S.M.A.R.T. about goal setting to timely bring each goal to fruition. Be specific, by indicating how you will eat healthier, when you will do what and how you will do it. Your goal needs to be measurable to how each step is being completed. How will you track it?

Is your goal attainable? If you set a standard impossible to reach, how will you reach it? Some goals aren’t achievable in a particular set of circumstances or even lifetimes. Zoom in. Look at what can nurture the goal, because your environment is a big part of realizing your goals, too.

Is your goal realistic? It needs to be something you deeply desire to achieve. If it’s not, failure will be inevitable. You will fail on your journey, because it’s part of a learning and growing process. Consistently not making process shows you need to change course or do something different. Don’t make it too hard or too easy on yourself when goal setting.

The timing is very important, too. Your goal needs a time frame. If you’re able to put it off you will, or life will find a way to do it. How does this goal fit into your life now and in the next few weeks or months? Be realistic, and remember the timing is always revisable. While time may be measured, life cycles and the cycles of goals are organic, too.

Discipline in following your goal and plan to achieve it is key. There is a reason that so many successful CEOs are ex-military! Discipline and mindfulness are key to achieving your goals.

Keep recording your goals, progress and any revisions. Task-management apps or journaling apps will help the tech-minded keep in touch with their goals on the go, while those who are more tactile will appreciate the ritual of inscribing their goals in a bullet journal or creative-oriented journal.

Prepare for Failure, Positively

A few mistakes are simple human errors, but failure is often looked at with a different and more self-damaging lens. Failure is taken personally, but failure invites you to see the situation or goal in a different light.

Consider what your biggest obstacles are, and prepare ahead with a renewed perspective. Say, “If this happens, then this is what I’ll do next.” If you know your new healthy diet will be filled with unhealthy temptations, carry delicious homemade snacks with you.

Remember, life is not always within your control and is not something to be controlled. Flow with change and life, not against it. When you change one area of your life, other areas will follow. Be creative to create your path, not master it. This positive attitude opens up avenues you may have not considered and makes you more open to change and ready when setbacks occur.

Goal setting is a beautiful part of existence as a human being. The self-awareness to watch yourself desire something deeply and follow through on it is rewarding and inspiring to yourself and others.

When you set goals, you’re not letting life happen to you anymore. Instead, you are being an active participant and living life to the fullest.

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  • Reply Julie January 3, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    Wonderful post! Setting goals is important, but setting them in a way that you can keep up and follow through is what really counts. Would love for you to come link this up to my gratitude and goals linky.

  • Reply Jennifer January 5, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    OOOO hey, thanks Julie! I’m so glad you agree. Must find your link up – I’m happy to share!!

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