What to Do With All That Leftover Halloween Candy

Your kids are strong little munchkins to haul all that candy home, or their candy bag must be something out of Harry Potter — bottomless to infinity and beyond. When the kids have had their fill, what do you do with all that leftover Halloween candy?

You get creative. From morning coffee to adult drinks, games, crafts and gifts, moms and dads, it’s time to pitch in on halting the candy overflow.

DIY Vodka Flavoring

Pop bits and pieces of hard candy like Jolly Ranchers into a bottle of unflavored vodka, and let it soak for a few hours. You’ll have your own DIY flavor-infused vodka, from candy apple to peanut butter and chocolate.

Make a Mocha

Out of chocolate syrup? Reach into the bottomless candy bag for Hershey’s or another preferred chocolate bar, and melt it in your coffee. It may be easier to melt it down beforehand, since some bits may stick to the bottom of the cup, but that could just make it tastier.

Bribes on the Go

Sometimes you or your kid need a little motivation to get through the day or get out of the grocery store without throwing another tantrum. Keep two or three pieces of candy with you. Portable bribes to the rescue!

Candy Wrappers

Do you ever stop and admire the candy wrapper before annihilating what’s inside? Remember trying to carefully unfold Hershey’s Kisses foil into a perfect, flat, shiny square?

Save mostly clean candy wrappers to make creative gift wrapping, from stuffing to decorations for boxes. One easy idea is to use Mod Podge to paint over the top of the candy wrappers as you line them over brown wrapping paper or the box — Mod Podge is both a sealant and glue. Let the Mod Podge dry before moving on to the next side, and work on top of a newspaper-covered surface to avoid a mess.

Create a Daily Treat Calendar

Let the family spend November indulging your sweet teeth! Fill 30 paper cups with candy, cover the surface with tissue and labeling each tissue 1-30. Place the cups sideways on a larger poster board to make the November calendar. The kids — or you — will get to punch through the tissue paper to retrieve their treat.

You could also shorten the number of days and make a countdown to Thanksgiving — like an Advent calendar a month early.

Counting With Candy

Younger children can practice their counting skills with candy. How many each of Jolly Ranchers, Reese’s Cups and Almond Joys are there? If there’s an abundance of one type of candy, use those for addition and subtraction during homework.

Become a Candy Mad Scientist

When you have an aeronautical engineering degree, and you’re a mother of three with an overabundance of candy, you have no choice but to become a candy mad scientist for the good of your kids. Kimberly Crandell did just that, turning leftover candy into a scientific learning experience in 10 different ways, such as the triboluminescence of Life Savers when you bite into them.

Stuff the Candy in a Piñata

Use the candy as stuffing in a piñata for your child’s next party or a fun evening. Learn to craft a piñata with the kids — the easiest way is to take a paper bag, such as a grocery bag, and decorate it any way you like, with googly eyes, construction paper and yarn. Stuff it with candy, seal it well and let your kids have at it.

Candy for Adoption

Take the candy to the office, and leave it in a bowl in the break room with a sign that reads “Free to a Good Home.” Watch the candy disappear faster than a basket of puppies in bowties.

If anyone asks, you’re contributing to a positive work culture.

Ship It Overseas

Share the candy wealth with the troops, and send the candy far, far away where soldiers can soothe their sweet tooth cravings. Many local businesses and national organizations conduct candy buyback programs, where kids get cash for their piggybanks for their generosity, and the soldiers get sweet treats from back home. Your kid could take home a dollar for every pound of candy they donate.

Grandparent Care Package

Grandma and Grandpa always bring their grandchildren candy. It’s time to return the sweet thought and make them a care package stuffed with candy. They’ll put it in a bowl and keep all their visitors happy, as chocolate-covered endorphins are released, and everyone’s all smiles.

Destroy It All

Just raid the candy bag. Dive headfirst into your Netflix queue and binge-watch your favorite show while stuffing your face with candy. The holidays are coming, anyway. Have no shame.

Don’t toss leftover Halloween candy into the garbage. Parents shouldn’t feel guilty about raiding the stash, either, using candy to flavor vodka and morning coffee — you deserve it. Candy also comes in handy as a pick-me-up when both you and your kid feel like throwing a tantrum.

When you’re tired of consuming the candy, get creative. Conduct science experiments and make crafts. Put a candy adoption sign up in the office break room. Before you know it, the candy will be gone like a Halloween magic trick. Poof!

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