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Honey & Sage Co. Sage Woman Care Package Review

It seems like there is a subscription box available for just about everything these days. Underpants, makeup, snacks – there are even boxes available for your dog. If you have that kind of disposable income and you really love your dog then I say go for it. For me, though, there isn’t much out there that will provide me with something I really, truly desire for a price I am willing to pay.

That was until I discovered Honey and Sage Co. Honey and Sage Co. provides curated boxes – you can order a single box or subscribe for monthly deliveries –  that are filled with those little things in life that allow us to care for ourselves and to refill our cups.  If you’re reading this then you probably are aware that I am a huge self-care advocate. Being a working mom and wife leaves such precious few moments to fill with that self-care and that’s exactly what Honey and Sage Co. are trying to provide with their Sage Woman Care Packages.

Opening the box was exciting enough, and it was incredibly sweet to find a handwritten note inside from Nova – Founder of Honey and Sage Co.

Unpacking the box was a like Christmas! It came with this perfect little card that described everything in the box so I knew exactly what I was getting and how to use them.

This Seoul Mamas Revitalizing Mask was lovely and made my skin so happy. I won’t say it made it smooth as a babies bottom – because I’m still changing toddler diapers and her hiney is way softer than my face – but it definitely made it the closest it’s been to that baby bottom level softness in a while.

This mala bracelet is beautiful! I’m not one for fancy jewels but I wear my mala all the time. This was my daughter’s favorite part of the package – as she’s managed to steal it from me a few times, too.

Honey & Sage Co. Skin Soother is right from their very own apothecary. Not only does this stuff smell delightful but it has really helped to heal some of the dry skin on my hands. I also LOVE to slather this stuff on my legs right after I shave them. Now that the autumn has come I can take comfort in knowing this stuff should last me through the summer at the rate I will be shaving my legs moving forward.

Urban Moonshine Hawthorne Tincture was a new one for me. I will admit I had to Google what, exactly, I would use this for even after reading the desciption on the card. It’s suggested to take to support a healthy heart and can even help with palpitations. I, personally, don’t have any issues with palpitations but a good friend of mine does so I gifted this to her and she is obsessed with it now.

The Vitamin C Holy Wellness Tea was probably my favorite thing from this whole package!  I take my tea very seriously and this herbal blend of elderberry and hibiscus is so fresh and warming and I love knowing that I can sip it when my immunity needs a little boost.  Honey and Sage Co. advocates “refilling your cup” and I have refilled it again and again with this tea.

Here are all of the goods.

Plus it came with this wonderfully inspiring little card with a mantra to remember to lift up the women in your life.


The Honey and Sage Co. Sage Woman box is such a lovely treat for any woman who needs to take a hot minute to spend some quality time with herself. They also provide boxes specifically for pregnant women and another filled with goodies to enjoy and give you a special dose of self-care during menstruation.  And who doesn’t need a little extra TLC during pregnancy and menstruation?

Honey and Sage Co. provided me this box free of charge in exchange for a review – but I would pay money for this. Treat yo’self. Treat yo’ pregnant friends. Honey and Sage Co. is legit.

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