Here’s My Working Mom Daily Routine

As a freelance writer, I may work from home but I am still a working mom with two kids and a husband to take care of. Sometimes it’s three kids — the two that I gave birth to and the one that I married — but most of the time he’s okay. It might seem like I’ve got all the time in the world, but I had to set up a pretty strict routine to make sure I had enough time in the day to work, parent, housewife, and still have enough time to take a few minutes to myself. It doesn’t sound like there are enough hours in the day, does it? Here’s a closer look at my working mom daily routine — hopefully, it’ll help you craft one for yourself.

Now, keep in mind that my girls are five and one, so your exact routine might vary slightly.


My one-year-old daughter is still at that stage where she’s waking up once or twice at night, but the rest of the household tends up get up around 6:30 am — whether I want them to or not. Once my older girl wakes up, that’s it — we’re up and it’s time to start the day. Thankfully, it’s usually around the same time every morning so it’s easier to set up a routine.

I feed my youngest daughter and help my oldest brush her teeth and get dressed for the day. Then, sometime before 7 am, we start making breakfast. On workdays, it’s whatever I can throw together — we’re big fans of smoothies and toaster waffles with a glass of milk and some chopped fruit. I’ve got a whole freezer full of make-ahead breakfasts that I can heat up without thinking too much while I wait for my hot tea to kick in. When I’m not working I’ll make something more elaborate.

Once we’re all sated, it’s time to actually start our days. For the little one, that means plopping down in her playpen in the living room with whatever toy has her attention this week. For the older girl, that means getting her to the bus stop and sending her off to kindergarten.

We usually reach this point between 7:15 am and 7:30 am. With any luck,  by 8 am, I’m sitting down at my computer, ready to work and I’ll stay there until it’s time for lunch. Occasionally you’ll find me typing with one hand and nursing the little one with the other, but those days are becoming fewer and further between as she gets older.


Once lunchtime rolls around, my littlest and I are ready for lunch. So I’ll take a break from my work, move us to the kitchen, and whip up something for lunch. Sandwiches, salads, soups, whatever catches our fancy on the given day. Sometimes it’ll be leftovers from whatever we had the night before.

After lunch, it’s nap time for the little one, and after a tasty meal, she’s more than happy to lay down for a nap.

Maybe I can squeeze in a quick yoga session during naptime, and then I’ll sit back down at my computer and work for a couple more hours. We have a pretty good afternoon routine, so I can usually squeeze out two hours of work before the little one wakes up and demands attention.

Once she’s awake, she’s up until bedtime which means I have to keep her entertained. Work in the afternoons after naptime is catch-as-can — sometimes she will keep herself entertained and I can work until Hubby comes home, and other times she demands all of my attention.  We grab my oldest from the bus stop at 2:30 and she gets a bit of screen time until Daddy gets home from work.


Once Hubby comes home from work, I tag out and he takes over Daddy duty until bedtime. This is a blessing because if I haven’t finished all my work for the day, I can toss on my headphones and sequester myself until it’s done. If I’m not plugging away at my freelance work, I’m pulling together dinner with whatever I have in the fridge.

I do have an entire repertoire of quick, easy and cheap dinner ideas that seem to please everyone so it’s not too challenging to feed the fam without much effort. Dishes, on the other hand, may sit until the next day – and that’s okay.

Once dinner is done, we’ll sit down and eat as a family, then Hubby and I tag-team bathtime and bedtime duties. He loves reading them stories and tucking them in because he’s out of the house all day. Occasionally, if I’ve had a really long day or the girls wouldn’t let me get anything done, I’ll let him put them to bed and I’ll get back to work but since I implemented this routine, that doesn’t happen very often.

And Do It All Again

The rest of my evening isn’t terribly exciting. TV time with Hubby, brushing my teeth, some meditation and reading if neither kiddo wakes up, and going to sleep. And we get up the next morning and do it all over again. I try to stick pretty strictly to my routine but in reality, it’s pretty flexible — with a one-year-old, it has to be. Hopefully, my eventful day will help you create a working mom daily routine that makes your life a little bit less hectic.

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