Go With Your Gut: The Benefits of Probiotics


Probiotics are good bacteria in your body that help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in your intestinal tract. Sometimes the probiotics that are already produced in your body aren’t enough to maintain a healthy digestive system. I never gave them much thought until I recently started having some digestive issues. Me being me, I decided to see if there were any natural ways to help ease any of my ailments. The answer was probiotics. Probiotics exist in certain foods like yogurt, sauerkraut or kombucha . You can also try taking probiotics as a supplement. Here’s why you should:

Probiotics Boost your Immune System

Generally, our bodies do a pretty good job of handling the immune system. The immune system does its best to fight infections and viruses to keep us healthy. What can you do if your immune system fails at protecting your body? Probiotics can help.

Scientists are finding links between probiotics and a good immune system. Probiotics maybe be able to help with immune system development and producing more T cells, which play a major role in immune system health. So if you feel like your immune system needs a boost, it can hurt to take probiotics.

Probiotics Ease Stomachaches

If you experience stomach pains after eating, probiotics may help your situation. Probiotics help the digestion process. They break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins so that your body doesn’t have to work so hard. Probiotics also maximize the nutrients from foods and help your body absorb them. So even if you don’t have stomach issues, probiotics can help you get the nutrients you need!

Probiotics Fight Anxiety

Fairly recent studies show that there is a connection between your gut and your brain. Some people who were surveyed said that they never had issues with anxiety or depression until they started to experience discomfort in their gut.

Since probiotics help the digestive process and the intestinal tract, people who take them may experience less anxiety and depression.

Probiotics Help with Cold and Flu Symptoms

Some studies suggest that probiotics can fight the common cold or flu symptoms. A research study surveyed a group of workers who took probiotics and group who did not take the supplements. The group that did take probiotics took fewer sick days than the second group. This isn’t the first study to suggest that probiotics help with common illnesses. So if you feel a cold coming on, probiotics may fight off the sickness.

Probiotics Promote Healthier Skin

Everyone knows that what you eat has an effect on the appearance of your skin. If you’re struggling with skin tone or even ace, probiotics may help your skin’s health and appearance. Since probiotics are good bacteria that help your body absorb nutrients, they ward off inflammation of the skin. A clean diet will clear up your skin, but probiotics can help the process, too!

Probiotics Reduce Bloating

Probiotics are proven to help gastrointestinal problems such as bloating.  Bloating may be caused by imbalanced bacteria in your stomach. Probiotics fight off the bad bacteria and help balance everything out in your intestinal tract. When you start taking probiotic supplements, you’ll notice that belly bloat disappear.

If you still aren’t convinced of the benefits of probiotics, look at it this way: there’s no harm in trying. You may struggle with one of the issues listed and probiotics could be your solution! Add probiotics and see if you experience one of the many benefits!

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