#FridayFavorites – The Fitness Edition


Fitness is one of my favorite things! Getting to the gym is one of my top personal priorities. If I’m being honest, though, some days, when my family has no clean underwear left,  the laundry is more important and my priorities need to shift. Talk about #MomLife. But I still wanted to take today to share some of my fitness favorites with you!

Finding Balance

If you’re anything like me – you’re always striving to achieve balance in your life. You want to work. You want to cook nourishing meals for your family. You want to spend time with your children. You want to spend time with your husband or partner. You want to spend time with your girlfriends. You want to live in a clean house and actually wash your sheets more than once a month. And most of all you really, really want to be able to get some precious time all to yourself.

My precious time to myself is often at the gym, between work hours and dinner time. Sometimes, though, I really don’t want to actually think about what I am doing at the gym.

Do I want to go for a run?

Is it leg day?

My brain is always going, going, going and the last thing I need is to waste my precious time debating on whether I want to lift or ride the stationary bike.

Enter Aaptiv.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Aaptiv has recently been my saving grace and my favorite, favorite fitness accessory.

In case the name didn’t give it away – it’s an app. An aap filled with personal trainers and bangin’ playlists that I can just turn on, listen to, and move on with my day. It’s really a magnificent tool and having it on my phone is one my my favorite fitness tools.

Some other fitness favorites of mine?

My Camelback Eddy Water Bottle. I used to swear by my Nalgene, but the bite valve on this one makes it so much easier for me to sip while I work out.

My Doctor Who workout top. As a Whovian there is nothing that brings me more joy than owning and wearing any and everything that is a Doctor Who reference.

I Don't Remember Why I'm Running Do You? Tee

My Old Navy Capris. I have like 5 different pairs of these and they are all my favorite pieces to work out in. Sweat wicking and stylish.

product photo

My Burts Bees Vanilla Bean Lip Balm. It keeps my sweaty chapped lips moist AND tastes like a cupcake. 

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm, Vanilla Bean, 2 Count

So tell me, how do YOU achieve balance? What are you fitness favorites? Happy Friday!

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