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Eight Mom Blogs You Should Be Reading This Year

mom blogs you should be reading

Welcome to 2019, mommas. Whether you’re embracing a new little one this year or struggling to find the best advice on the internet, at least one mommy blog out there will suit your needs. We read through literal tons of mom blogs to pull together a list of the best of the best on the internet. Here are eight mom blogs you should be adding to your feed in the coming year.

For Moms Who Write — Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is one of the most prolific mommy blogs on the internet today, with more than 80 new posts popping up every week. Posts are available on every topic from trending news to dealing with grief and, of course, pregnancy, parenting and even beauty tips to help you hide those sleep-deprivation bags that seem to have become a permanent accessory.

If you want to share your own tips, tricks or advice, you can contribute to these blogs, as well, without having to set up your own website or find an audience.

For New Moms — Pregnant Chicken

Pregnancy and motherhood can be downright terrifying, especially if you’re a mom-to-be or having to navigate this whole motherhood thing alone. Pregnant Chicken, a blog started in 2010 by a creative director-turned-freelancer named Amy Morrison, this blog has advice on everything from taking your prenatal vitamins to what to expect after you’ve pushed out a watermelon-sized baby. The site is easy to navigate and filled to the brim with hundreds of different articles. Plus, they have a sense of humor — their newsletter is called “What the Cluck?”

For Working Moms — Working Mother

Whether you’re a working mom or someone who’s currently on maternity leave and wondering where that leaves you, Working Mother is a blog that should be on your list. Our favorite post on this site right now is probably their 2018 list — Working Mother 100 Best Companies — which details the best places to work if you’re a parent, from extended maternity and paternity leave to flexible hours and assistance.

For Crafty Moms — Be a Fun Mum

Everyone wants to be the fun mom, but finding time to be that crafty mom — the one who scrapbooks and has custom-folded napkins for everyone at birthday parties — might seem like an impossible task. That’s where Be a Fun Mum comes in. This blog is filled with quick and easy craft ideas, as well as articles about mom fashion, kid-friendly recipes and everything in between. You’ll only get one post from this site every week — so, if you subscribe, they won’t be clogging up your inbox with things you don’t want to see.

For Nerdy Moms — Geek Mamas

Who doesn’t want their kids to grow up dreaming of being superheroes? Geek Mamas is a blog for those moms who feel out of place on other mom sites because their kid’s rooms are decked from floor to ceiling in Marvel or DC gear.

The blog wraps fantastic mom advice up in neat pop-culture packages. Their post about taking off the training wheels for the first time, for example, is peppered with Stranger Things references, since the kids in the show spend so much time on their bicycles.

For Prepper Moms — The Survival Mom

Whether you’re prepping for the zombie apocalypse your kids keep warning you about or merely trying to survive until they reach 18 and are ready to move out, The Survival Mom blog should be on your list. This blog has everything from podcasts about surviving motherhood to a “Skill of the Month” club, where you work on learning a new skill — from baking bread and canning to living without electricity — once a month. It may be a bit of a niche blog, but everyone can learn a little something from The Survival Mom.

For Military Moms — The Military Wife and Mom

Balancing work and motherhood is even more difficult when your partner is away on deployment for months at a time. A single author writes the Military Wife and Mom blog — so you’ll only see a couple of posts a month — about her trials and tribulations navigating life as a military wife and mother. This blog isn’t just useful for military mommas, though. The tips and tricks she offers are sound advice for all kinds of moms.

For Every Mom — Real Mom Nutrition

Who has time to study the nutrition facts on every piece of food that they serve to their children? Not us! Instead of scrambling to try and cook a healthy meal for your little ones, let Real Mom Nutrition help you. This blog, run by a registered dietitian, is full of healthy, kid-friendly recipes your kids will be begging you to make again. From healthy lunchbox ideas to how you can choose a healthier drink the next time you swing through Starbucks, everyone can benefit from the information Sally’s blog offers.

These blogs might seem to have a particular audience, but everyone can benefit from the information each one of these fantastic sites has to offer. These eight blogs should be on your feed for the coming year, without a doubt.

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    Thanks for including. I’ll have to check out the other blogs too.

    • Reply Jennifer February 22, 2019 at 8:08 pm

      Girl, absolutely! I love reading your site and also all things Geek so I very much appreciate the work you do. ALso #JusticeforBob!! Barb, too, but Bob got me way more. 🙁

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