These Egg-Cellent Recipes Will Make a Perfect Springtime Brunch

Eggs are often considered the perfect food because they’re one of the most nutritious items on the planet. Their health benefits alone are enough to make anyone want to add eggs to their diet. Eggs are loaded with minerals, vitamins, good fats and proteins, plus many other nutrients. They’re also loaded with Lutein and Zeaxanthin — two antioxidants that have powerful protective effects on the eyes.

While eggs do contain more cholesterol than other foods, this is not a bad thing. Eggs actually improve your cholesterol profile by raising good cholesterol and lowering the bad. You can also cut down inflammation due to the choline found in them.

There are many other additional reasons to love eggs. They’re cheap, portable and versatile — there are many different ways you can cook with eggs. Sure, there are your basic scrambled, fried, hard-boiled, etc. — but then there are recipes upon recipes just waiting for you to dive in and try them out.

Check out these ten egg-cellent springtime brunch recipes for you and your family.

Egg-in-a-Hole Sandwich

This is a great twist on your basic egg sandwich and sure to be a family favorite. You’ll need thick-cut bacon, sourdough bread or another country-style bread, four large eggs, cheddar cheese and hot sauce. Warning — you may want to serve with a fork and knife — and maybe a bib — because this ooey-gooey sandwich can get a little messy.

Coffee Crème Brûlée

Bring a dessert to the breakfast table with this creamy, coffee-infused custard, sprinkled with brown sugar and broiled until it reaches its bubbly, deep brown appearance. Make sure you set aside a couple of hours for this yummy breakfast dessert to cook.

Breakfast Fried Rice

It may not be the first thing you think of when you think of breakfast, but it’ll certainly be one you’ll love. Pair your favorite fried rice dish with a fried egg and your meat of choice — chicken, pork or shrimp — or veggies. This particular recipe calls for bacon, but you can use anything. Just make sure you break the yolk over the rice right before you serve.

Grilled Cheese Hard-Boiled Eggs

Everyone loves a grilled cheese sandwich, so try it out with eggs instead of bread. With only two ingredients, this breakfast dish is quick and easy and perfect for the kids. Use your favorite cheese or a variety for flavor.

Cloud Eggs

Also referred to as egg nests, cloud eggs use a recipe that calls for whipped egg whites and grated cheese that is then folded in to create the appearance of a nest. Carefully place the egg yolk in the center before you bake. This three-ingredient recipe is a simple and fast fan favorite that will have you floating among the clouds.

Mediterranean Hummus Egg Smash

Top off a delicious homemade hummus with a soft poached egg for the perfect brunch dish. While the recipe is rather intricate and involves multiple ingredients, it’s worth the time and effort. Top with sundried tomatoes, chives, feta, olives and fresh-cut garlic.

The Green Madame

This open-faced sandwich closely mirrors a croque madame sandwich but with sautéed greens layered inside. The interesting mix of ingredients includes fried eggs, nutmeg, country-style bread, garlic and more. You can even add a slice of fried ham or breakfast sausage if you’d like.

Tuscan Scrambled Eggs

The base of this breakfast favorite is slow-cooked tomatoes and onions which are simmered for at least half an hour. Simply add in the eggs and then scramble the concoction together. Serve immediately with toast or an English muffin.

Captain’s Eggs Neptune

Smoked salmon, eggs and English muffins go together perfectly in this flavorful dish. Top with homemade hollandaise sauce made of whisked egg yolks, orange and lemon juice and butter. Plate your finished product with freshly sliced oranges and dill.

Scott’s Scotch Eggs

Ever imagined what Italian sausage hard-boiled eggs would taste like? Wrap a hard-boiled egg in Italian sausage, dip it into a beaten egg mixture, then roll into cracker crumbs. Bake, and voilà! Choose your favorite dip and serve.

Eggs are a great addition to the perfect springtime brunch. They’re satisfying, healthy and affordable. Plus, you can try out new recipes that not only you but your kids are sure to like, such as cloud eggs, Scott’s scotch eggs or an egg-in-the-hole sandwich. When it comes to eggs, you can find something to serve that everyone will enjoy.

Whether you’re feeling something with a Mediterranean flair, a Tuscan spin or something sweet, one of these recipes is sure to do the trick and result in full stomachs and happy plates. Prepare to make a second batch for your kids!

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