Do You Dare to Go Bare?


I own six pairs of tweezers. That’s not to count the ones that have jumped out of my normal stash sites. They’re in the car, in my purse, in my makeup bag, in my bathroom and bedroom — and sometimes, they’re tucked away in my pocket. This is to ease my distressed mind when I feel the Redwood Forest protruding from my face, arm or, well — some other places.

These are just to take care of the most visible of hair “flaws,” too. Let’s talk about what happens behind closed doors with the efforts it takes to bare it all.

Going bare is like becoming an acrobat when you have a hard time doing a cartwheel, turning water into wine or remaining wrinkle-free at 80. Only prayers and an acute part of the Divine can make that happen.

But here we go trying — and quite painstakingly.

Historically Hairless

Women take hairlessness to an extreme. There are razors, creams, tweezers and wax strips — all in the name of trimming a hedge fit for Versailles.

It could be that the social standards of beauty are what make us all feel the need to rip that hair off however it can be done. Take a look at Venus, the goddess of love and fertility. Except for the long, beautiful hair from her head, she’s normally depicted as — you guessed it — bare. Everywhere.

Achieving that goddess-like hairlessness has been the goal of women for ages, going all the way back to the ancient Egyptians who removed even the hairs on their head. Since their time, women have used a variety of methods for hair removal, some quite painful. Today, our more sophisticated ways of hair removal are a credit to science and innovation, but someone still has to ask the question: Why do we do it?

Reasons Women Razor

If you’re like the nearly 84% of women who groom their nethers, it’s a good question to ask. It’s possible your mind is racing with all of these reasons:

  • Hygiene
  • Aesthetics
  • Lingerie Styles
  • Swimsuit Styles
  • Sex

There may be more, but let’s talk about these five for a minute:

  1. It feels “cleaner” to have little to nothing there, perhaps, and there are times when this is especially helpful. Take, for instance, when Aunt Flo comes for a visit. It’s a bloody mess (pun intended), and the hair there doesn’t really seem to help make it anything but more disgusting — and if you’re into pads, well, have you ever gotten one stuck to pubic hair? Ouch.
    However, there’s no real medical reason for trimming your tree line. In fact, there are actually health reasons that suggest maybe you should keep it around. More about that later, though.
  2. That certain “wild” aspect appeals to some, but to others, not so much. The media doesn’t exactly make a strong case for keeping that natural look, either. Magazines, movies, paintings from the Renaissance — they all show women who have tamed their mane.
  3. Lingerie Styles. The leg openings and cuts of panties these days aren’t very forgiving for once-in-a-while shavers. There’s just something about a thong with hair poking from the lace that doesn’t quite appeal to the masses — but if that’s your thing, you know what? Go for it.
  4. Swimsuit Styles. Yes, this is just like the above, except your bikini bottoms aren’t hidden under your clothes. It’s the fear of nearly every woman that somehow a hair got missed, and they’ll see it at the company pool party. Again, it’s a social standard.
  5. Sometimes, baring it all is for sex appeal. If a woman’s sexual partner has a certain preference, women often oblige, or it may just make you feel sexier. Either way, that’s okay. Just know there may also be some sexy benefits to a full bush, too.

Benefits of Bushes

There are many debates surrounding why there’s hair on our hoo-ha. Here are some of the possible benefits cited:

  • Some believe that hair keeps bacteria from the vaginal opening, acting as protection against infection. Not trimming or using harsh chemicals can help reduce skin irritations, lacerations and infection, as well as other potential health risks.
  • Pubic hairs are known to secrete pheromones, which trigger sexual attraction. Once that mate has been attracted, the hair down there can help reduce friction, making things run — oddly enough — a little more smoothly.

When it comes to going bare, there definitely are some factors to consider. There are, after all, natural reasons why we start sprouting grass in puberty, and that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. However, an awareness of our motivation behind keeping it trimmed shouldn’t be, either. If it’s for you, great. If it’s not, it may be time to reevaluate. And the risks involved? No one needs a trip to the ER because they nicked their vulva.

The point is this: If you dare to go bare, that’s totally okay. Just keep your hand steady and be aware of the risks associated. If you don’t, that’s okay, too. Whichever side of the bikini line you’re on, may your statuesque figure make your nether regions proud.

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