Cheers to My Favorite Mama Bloggers of 2017

It goes without saying that 2017 was a real doozy of a year. I am a look on the bright side kind of gal, though, so I will remember 2017 as the year that my husband and I finally bought a house, the year I realized how much I love spin class, and the year my daughter learned the phrase “I’m busy right now, Mom.”

I’ve spent the year loving life and writing more than ever.  I look for inspiration in other brilliant, radiant women and I wanted to round out the year with this list of my favorite, most visited, most inspiring Mamas out there on the internets.  I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.


Founded by Leah Segedie – a badass chick with an incredibly inspiring story – Mamavation is a disease prevention website and Virtual Sorority for moms. It’s filled with scores of information on creating the safest and healthiest home that you can.

Rockin’ Mama

Caryn describes herself as a “babywearing, breastfeeding mama”  so I immediately knew that we could be BFFs one day. Or at least that I would enjoy reading what she had to say.  Caryn shares tons of recipes, DIYS, and family activities.

Really, Are You Serious? 

Bless Krystyn and her FOUR children. I have ONE and it’s a nightmare … er … challenge … and Krystyn has four and still manages to write this magnificent blog. Her Mommy and Me posts are #goals and she provides readers with recipes, parenting tips, all with a touch of sass, which I always appreciate.

Wellness Mama

Katie, the “Wellness Mama” is the goddess of all things health, wellness, and mommyhood.  Her website is an incredible resource for anyone looking to clean up and green up their lives, homes, and families.

Honest Toddler

Listen – Bunmi is hilarious. She knows how to keep it real, and she also has a magnificent book out “Toddlers are Assholes: It’s Not Your Fault.” My mom got me this book for Christmas not even knowing how much I love reading the Honest Toddler – but because she knows my toddler is an asshole.

Spit Up Is the New Black 

Ashley suggests “sit back, relax and let me say everything you were thinking” when you read her site and she is so right.  Her Mom Rants are gold and she says all the things you want to say as a Mama, but maybe you choose to sugar coat it instead.

Baby Rabies

Jill is another mother of four with a serious case of  “baby rabies,” that is, “the lapse of sanity in which a person feels that s/he absolutely MUST have a baby in the very near future.”  I bookmarked her site a while back and LOVE reading her toddler posts. They are real and inspiring.

Punky Moms

“Mindfulness” and “Punk” may not seem like they go hand in hand, but I love the Punky Moms attitude! “We are a very diverse bunch. There is no way to say exactly what is a Punky Mom because if there is anything we are not, it’s the same thing! Old School Punks, Goth Ladies Of Darkness, Retro Bettys, Hippy Mamas, Geeks & Freaks, Strange & Unusual. We are all here. It Wasn’t Just A Phase.” I myself am strange and unusual – so ya know – it works.

For Every Mom

They don’t call their site For Every Mom for nothing! It really is for every mom to enjoy.  With magnificent articles on faith, family, and fitness I love how Jenny has put together a site that any mom can enjoy.

Life as Mama

I am slightly biased because I love Karly and have been writing for her for nearly two years now – but I wouldn’t write for her site if I didn’t love everything about it! Life as Mama is a fabulous resource for any Mama, or any lady really, who is looking for awesome recipes, DIYs, and mom tips.

Happy New Year! See you in 2018! 

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