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Being a parent is kind of like being in a secret society. Sure, anyone can be a parent really. And sure, everyone has their own assumptions as to what being a parent is like.

But it’s not until you have children of your own that you can really understand each other.

To the Mom with the screaming toddler in the cereal aisle – we salute you. To the Dad left alone with his breastfed baby and a bottle for Mom’s girls night out – we salute you.

Here are a few of our most popular posts to get you started:

When Are We Really Going to Be Cool with Breastfeeding?

7 Ways to Tame Your Toddler During a Public Meltdown

 4 Ways My Relationship with My Mom Chanced Once I Became a Mom

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mom and daughter stretch

Why I Love Being a Yoga Mom and a Working Mom

Becoming a mother ranks as one of my most important life achievements. I love my two daughters with all my heart, but sometimes, I need a break like anyone else. Given I also work, finding quiet moments to sit in meditation proves difficult to…

June 13, 2019
family in the kitchen

How to Balance Work and Family Life

Being a working mom, I’m well versed in how difficult balancing work and family can be. Some days I feel like superwoman and get everything done. Other days it’s a miracle I find the time to comb my hair. Women make up nearly half…

June 4, 2019
woman working at laptop

10 Things to Be Grateful for as a Working Mom

Just like every mom, I believe my kiddos are the best in the world. But as much as I love my little yet rapidly growing bundles of joy, spending every minute of every day with the young ‘uns leaves me ready for a padded…

March 21, 2019
mom and baby

Why You Need to Let Go of Your Working Mom Guilt

We don’t live in the 1950s anymore. Being a mom and building a career are no longer mutually exclusive concepts. Unfortunately, society seems bent on making working moms feel guilty about putting their kids in day care so they can build their careers. I…

March 19, 2019

9 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas for You And Your Toddler

Everyone talks about daddy-daughter dates and how cute and sweet they are, but what about mom? I don’t know about you, but I adore having some one-on-one bonding time with my daughter, even though she’s only four and not quite old enough for some…

March 14, 2019
children drawing together

Mindfulness Activities for Kids of All Ages

In recent years, many schools have discovered the value of helping children develop mindfulness. Educators in such schools report that mindfulness activities help children focus better in class, behave more appropriately with peers and manage difficult feelings without melting down. Parents can follow the…

March 5, 2019
woman with arms in air

5 Post Pregnancy Exercises to Love Your Mom Bod

First, congratulations on your new addition! You’ve made it through 10 months — because it is that long, regardless of what popular culture would have you believe — of pregnancy and the wonder and marvel that is childbirth, you’ve got a challenge ahead of…

March 1, 2019