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The Best 10 Podcasts by Parents, Not Necessarily about Parenting


This is a guest post from Caitlin Thompson, parent and US Director of Content at Podcasting platform Acast. She has compiled a list of her favorite and funniest podcasts, hosted by awesome people, who also happen to be parents. From podcasts that turn those spirit-breaking parenting moments into pure comedy to podcasts which don’t even mention parenting (because you are more than just a parent), these are the podcasts by parents should be listening to when you’re in need of a little downtime.

The Mediocre Parent Show

Join Nick and Chris, two totally clueless dads, as they talk about everything from their latest mishaps in parenting, to hilarious discussions about why, even as an adult, lying to your mother can never end well. This is the podcast that reminds you that age really is just a number and that when it comes to parenting, age and experience really doesn’t equal wisdom.

Manic Rambling Spiral 

Manic Rambling Spiral is a podcast about single parenting, but what it is definitely not, is a parenting podcast. Rather this is a podcast all about life; from having a career, to getting into a new relationship, to running a first marathon. Heather and John sit down and discuss the things going on in their lives, from the mundane to the exciting, and the trials and tribulations that having children brings to these activities.

Go Head Mama 

Best friends Kate and Danielle are two women being brutally honest about parenting – commenting on both the highs and the lows. Each week, they discuss a different topic, from the concept of me-ternity leave and the debates surrounding this, to the societal pressures of being a mother. The conversations they have are both refreshing and honest, leaving you feeling like you have just sat down to have a chat with some good friends.

Another Mother Runner 

For all the keen runners out there, this is a great podcast for listening to while working out. Mum of three and keen marathon runner host, Sarah Bowen, is joined each week by co-hosts and guest experts to discuss topics from how to set yourself running goals, to the importance of listening to your body when making food choices, to the health benefits of microbrew beers.


Perhaps the most varied podcast of the lot, this podcast looks at all things ‘mother’, and you can be sure you’ll learn a thing or two. From talking about the connection between poets and artists of the Italian Futurism movement, to collecting ‘Mom Manifesto’s from women in Indiana Women’s Prison, to examining Chinese postpartum ‘confinement’ foods, you’ll never be able to predict what this podcast might teach you next.

Mmhmm Girl

An amazing mix of comedy, pop culture and personal stories, this podcast is led by best friends Lola and Babz. This podcast, which feels much more like eavesdropping on a funny conversation, than listening to a pre-recorded show, will have you in stitches and leave you desperate to hear more from these fun women.

The Specialist 

This seriously interesting fortnightly podcast explores some of the most niche and unknown jobs, and meets some of the individuals who work them. From the couple who have been performing singing telegrams for 34 years, to people in charge of keeping birds away from planes, to the two women who spent months tasked with the job of finding a good poll location, this podcast will enlighten you on all the jobs that you have never really thought about, or knew existed.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

From guests such as the comedian and actor Sara Pascoe, to Louis Theroux and Michael Palin, British comedian, actor and director Adam Buxton, sits and chats to a wide range of well-known public figures about far flung topics, often featuring important input from his three young children.

There’s Scummy Mummies too

Join Ellie and Helen, two straight talking mother’s as they swap hilarious stories about their parenting battles and daily struggles. Described as the ‘comedy chat show for less- than-perfect parents’, if you are looking for a podcast to make you feel a little bit better about your life, then this is the reminder you need that you are not alone in your day to day parenting struggles.

Get It On 

Ever wondered what your clothes really say about you? This podcast, led by Dawn O’Porter, explores all aspects of clothes – from the history of certain trends to why we wear the clothes we do. Interviewing actors and comedians such as Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd, to celebrity figures such as Mel C, each week Dawn speaks to a well-known figure about why they wear what they wear.

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