6 Healthy Movies on Netflix to Chill With

Chilling and watching Netflix has become the ultimate leisure activity. (Not to be confused with Netflix and Chill, which there is nothing wrong with per say, but if you actually want to watch something I would be cautious of your choice of phrase.)

With thousands of shows and movies to choose from, Netflix offers you an excuse to lay in bed all weekend, binge-watch your favorite show and eat with abandon. Which is fun and relaxing, but – obviously – not healthy.

Why not choose a show or movie that might motivate you to better yourself? To eat cleaner, be happier and live a healthier lifestyle? It may be hard with How I Met Your Mother and House of Cards calling you from “Your List,” but these healthy movies will definitely make you feel good while watching and encourage you to be a better you long after your binge watching is over.



Everybody wants to be Happy. This documentary looks into the meaning o

f happiness, from its history to the steps you can take to become happy. It shows what happiness is through the eyes of different cultures. Learn about being happy through this documentary and you’ll be sure to feel happy afterward.

Hungry for Change

hungry for change

The documentary Hungry for Change explores the world of processed food and why we want to eat it so badly. It explores marketing of food, making of food and the consumption of food. If you want to learn about what you’re putting into your body and how you can make a healthy change, this movie is for you.

TEDTalks: Chew on This

chew on this

TEDTalks are awesome and a lot of people have already seen at least one. The series Chew on This includes 14 short videos that talk all about food. Since they are so short, it’s easy to binge-watch and gets addictive, so beware! You will want to schedule time to watch the entire thing.

A Place at the Table

a place at the table

This documentary explores the cause and impact of hunger in America. It is sad to think there are people in our own country who are starving. A Place at the Table will show you the hard truth about what is happening in the food industry and lays out what has to happen to make a difference.



Do you like wine? Of course you do. Your binge-watching sessions probably include wine. Why not watch a movie about it while you drink it? This documentary is all about wine and the Master Sommelier exam — the hardest wine test ever created. Think you can ace it? Watch Somm to find out.

Spinning Plates

spinning plates

This documentary explores the food service industry and what it takes for restaurants to succeed. Spinning Plates takes you behind the scenes of 3 restaurants and shows you what makes each one different. You won’t look at restaurants the same after watching this movie.

So, grab some healthy snacks and get comfy. These movies and documentaries will turn your Netflix and chill time into a time of growth and education. Enjoy!

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