12 Things You Should Make to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Without Corned Beef or Cabbage

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching. Yep, it’s the one day where pinching someone because of their attire is seen as “tradition.” It really is a crazy holiday. And green? There’s never so much green as on this Irish holiday. For all of those green lovers out there, this really is your day. Embrace it for what it is — the whole world of green is at your beck and call. It’s not always easy being green, but on St. Paddy’s Day, it’s expected.

While there will be lots of celebrations that include traditional fare of corned beef and cabbage, celebrating St. Paddy’s doesn’t have to mean a feast of heavyweight plates. There’s light fare found at the end of the rainbow, and right here is where you’ll find it.

Here are 12 things you should make to celebrate St. Paddy’s in a healthy and — you got it — green way:

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a great way to start out your St. Paddy’s Day. And when looking for something green to toss into that breakfast smoothie, there are just so many options. Consider adding avocados for fiber and a smoother texture. Kale, another superfood, provides loads of calcium, iron, and Vitamin K, among other key nutrients. Spinach, also, is full of many of the same leafy properties, making it another great addition to your morning routine.

Kale Chips

When those salty cravings hit, it can be hard to sway your hand from the potato chips. But on St. Paddy’s Day, you have the benefit of going green! That means you need some green chips for your afternoon crunch. What better way to get that green, salty craving satisfied than with a handful of tasty kale chips? Roasted kale, tossed with sea salt, is satisfying and healthy, too. But we can keep that last part quiet.

Apple Smiles

This St. Patrick’s Day treat will leave you and everyone else in full smiles. Get your green, goofy grin on with apple slices garnished with peanut butter and marshmallows. Take two slices of green apple and spread peanut or almond butter on one side. Put them together to make a mouth, adding mini marshmallows for teeth. Yum!

Avocado Toast

Whole wheat bread, toasted to perfection is made an exquisite treat with the addition of avocado. This green topping will have you saying, “Top ‘O’ the morning,” all day long. Avocado, in all of its green glory, is an enviable berry (you read that right) because of its healthful — and delicious — nutrients. There are a variety of mix-ins that taste delicious with avocado, such as salsa, eggs, or bacon.

Green Tea Latte

Because you need a whole ‘latte’ green in your day, start it out right with a green tea latte. Green tea has incredible health benefits and may help promote weight loss and a healthier heart. This is due to the overwhelming amount of catechins found in green tea, a property known to help regulate blood sugar and give you a quick energy boost.

Cabbage Wedges

Alright, so maybe this one doesn’t totally count. Yes, it’s cabbage, but it’s good cabbage. That is to say, “better” cabbage than that stinky stuff with corned beef. These roasted cabbage wedges are full of flavor and smothered with bacon bits (it is a holiday, after all).


Holy guacamole! This just has to be on your St. Paddy’s day feast list. Guacamole, made from the superfood Avocado, packs in the fiber, which will help keep your belly feeling full during your party hours.

Add some homemade tortilla chips or golden sweet potato chips to get a little gold into that bowl of yours.

Dried Apple Slices

A St. Paddy’s feast shouldn’t be without a little sweetness, and dried apple slices seasoned with cinnamon are just the trick. Dip in a mixture of lemon juice and water to prevent browning. Use a green variety, like Granny Smith, to retain that green outer later for your festivities. Not only will it show your true Irish spirit, that green skin of the apple is good for you, too!

Cucumber Salad

Watery cucumbers help with bloating and flushing out toxins. As a low-calorie veggie, they should be on hand at all times to add to salads or eat alone. Want to dress up the fiber-rich vegetable for St. Paddy’s? Don your top hat and put together a cucumber salad worth gold. To cut calories from the traditional cucumber salad recipe, opt for a low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream.

Broccoli Crust Pizza

Who says you can’t have pizza and eat it, too? A broccoli crust pizza is a lightened up version of the classic favorite. And it’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day with its green color. Toss with your favorite pasta sauce, low-fat, shredded cheese, and a few veggies for a dinner that’s healthy and festive.

Green Deviled Eggs

This household favorite gets revamped for St. Paddy’s day with — you guessed it — green middles! Mix up the deviled eggs as usual and add in a little green food coloring to give it the luck of the Irish. Packed with protein, eggs are a low-calorie snack that keeps you strong and moving throughout the day.

Instead of using mayonnaise for your deviled middle, try making your eggs with non-fat, plain Greek yogurt. You’ll lighten up the calories and pack in some additional protein.

Spinach Pancakes

For a healthy “spin” on St. Patrick’s Day, make some green pancakes full of goodness. Spinach pancakes are quick and easy, making them a cinch for the early morning. And with what’s sure to be a surge in the popularity of these iron-filled pancakes after Chelsea Clinton’s tweet about them, you’ll be right on trend for your St. Paddy’s celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day is full of fun, food, and many Irish traditions. Make yours extra green with these treats packed full of vitamins and delicious benefits.

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