12 Spooky Halloween Breakfast Treats

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to pull together a few special treats for those lucky kiddos in your life. On Halloween morning, breakfast should be celebrated with spooky touches worthy of the holiday.

Here are 12 spooky breakfast treat ideas that are sure to please your family on Halloween morn:

Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups

These Jack-o-Lantern fruit cups are easy and super cute, too. A healthy alternative to the sweets that appear at holidays, this is a breakfast treat you can feel good about giving your little ones. A small slice on one end of the orange allows it to sit up while you scoop out the top. Chop up pieces of fruit to fill your orange cup, and use a butter knife to cut out a face worthy of a pumpkin.


Cinnamon Roll Bones

Change the shape of store-bought cinnamon rolls into spooky bones that will make any kid squeal with delight. With a few quick snips of kitchen shears, you can transform round rolls into Halloween-themed breakfast treats. Bake as normal and cover your cinnamon bones with ooey-gooey vanilla frosting. Want to make these treats extra spooky? Swirl in a little red food coloring for a bone touched with blood.


Goblin Green Smoothie

Packed with magnesium and healthy fats, this banana and avocado smoothie is a scarily nutritious breakfast! Green in all its glory, all it requires is a clear glass and a goblin face on the outside. Electrical tape will do for the latter, which will be great for easy removal when the goodness has been slurped up entirely.


Zombie Banana French Toast

Pureed spinach leaves give this healthy – and vegan – breakfast an eerie green color. No eggs required in this Halloween-inspired French toast, as the bananas and soy milk give plenty of moisture. A side of zombie juice serves as the sauce.


Spider Web Pumpkin Pancakes

Regular pancakes get a major overhaul when made into a spider web. Batter is poured into a Ziploc baggie with the corner clipped to make an impromptu piping bag. Simply swirl your batter into the shape of a spider web and cook as normal. A few creepy crawly spiders – plastic, of course – alongside the plate add an extra fun touch.


Coffin Pop Tarts

What could be sinister about a pop tart? A pop tart shaped like a coffin could be, right? Well – there’s nothing to be afraid of here, because these pastry treats are anything but menacing. Made out of store-bought pastry crust and your favorite jelly, these Halloween breakfast treats are quick to put together. An embellishment of icing on the outside is oh-so-good.


Skewered Eyeball Donut Holes

Caution: these rolling eyes aren’t coming from your kids. Donut holes become eyeballs with the addition of edible googly eyes. Place a few on a stick, dip in strawberry glaze and you’ve got yourself a skewer of eyeballs that will be looking at you until they meet their end.


Strawberry Ghosts

Strawberries aren’t just for spring and summer. When covered in white chocolate with mini chocolate chips for eyes, they’re an excellent addition to your Halloween breakfast. Yep, these small strawberry ghosts will have the boys and ghouls swooning in sweet joy.


Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins

Fruit is the food of choice in this healthy Halloween breakfast. Make bananas come alive with mini chocolate chip eyes and mouth. A peeled clementine is a great start to the day with a celery piece for the stem. Serve the treats alongside any of these other breakfast ideas for a truly spooktacular day!


Monster Apple Bites

Everyone’s familiar with apple and marshmallow smiles, but have you ever seen the monster version? These cute little apple monsters will have your kids grinning while eating something healthy. Sunflower seeds instead of marshmallows make for jagged and unpredictable teeth, while strawberry slices allow the monsters to stick out their tongue at any passerby.


Googly Eye Yogurt Bark

Another good-for-you treat can be found in this googly eye yogurt bark. Yogurt gets frozen with blueberry and kiwi chunks and some homemade eyes that look at you as you delve into this delicious breakfast snack. Here’s looking at you, kid.


Mummy Bagel

A Ziploc baggie filled with cream cheese and snipped in the corner allows you to create a yummy mummy bagel for your little ones. Simply pipe stripes across the bagel and add two eyes to give your mummy some sight.


Halloween brings out a fun side in everyone! Bring out the spooky side in your family breakfast with the addition of these 12 Halloween breakfast treats.


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