10 Best Christmas Gifts for New Moms

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What Christmas gifts can you find for a new mom that she didn’t already get at the baby shower or on Mother’s Day? Listen to her rants and wild tales about weird poop and awkward attempts to multipurpose, and then, you have knowledge — and knowledge is power to make that new mom’s life much more seamless for the holidays.

Still feel stuck? When you go holiday shopping, consider these 10 best Christmas gifts for new moms.

Secretly Pump Anywhere

When pumping, you feel like a robot with all these tubes attached to your boobs. You have to go off and hide from the world or get weird looks from others about your extra appendages, from nipple shield to bottle.

Fortunately, new technology has graced the world of moms — collection cups, like Freemie, which allow you to pump anywhere and in front of anyone without hurting their delicate sensibilities. Some are less bulky than others, so it may look like you stuffed your bra. Some require you to remain attached to a pump, and others don’t.

However, it makes typing on a laptop as a work-from-home mom much easier than trying to deal with having your suddenly T-Rex arms colliding with bottles hanging from your nipples. A hands-free bra also does the trick.

Desk Mat Protectors for Spills and Spews

From coffee to breastmilk spills and Exorcist-like baby vomit spews, a work-from-home mom needs to invest in protection for her office equipment. It’s not cheap to buy new computer gear. Buy her a desk pad cover to absorb those unfortunate spills before they reach her keyboard, mouse and computer hardware. They come in different patterns and colors, too!

Secret Stuffed Animal Sound Machine

Want to know the new secret to calming a fussy baby? Forget lugging around your Pack-and-Play everywhere. While some toys may share a grandparent’s “I love you” with the touch of a button, other stuffed animals are secret noise machines that lull your baby to sleep or calm them around unfamiliar folks and sounds.

For example, the Club b Sleep sheep is cuddly, machine washable and has a timer for sleep with eight different types of sounds. The animals are also available as a monkey, bunny, fox and giraffe. You’ll feel like a family of secret agents, and to be successful on your mission, your boss baby needs to chill.

The Tesla of Toothbrushes

One blogger invested in Phillips Sonicare DiamondCare electric toothbrush and called it the Tesla of toothbrushes because of its design and function, vibrating at the rate of 31,000 strokes per minute and running in four stages to meet dentist recommendations. It doesn’t come with docks for charging, either. Electric toothbrushes can help tired moms scrub away at bacteria, but they’re not necessarily more effective than regular brushing — although this one might change the game.

Tea That Tastes Like Coffee for the Weaners

Some moms resolve to wean themselves off coffee once pregnant and hope to continue this way after delivery. That doesn’t mean moms have to give up the taste of coffee.

Yes, tea that tastes like coffee exists in the world thanks to the power of herbs and their combinations. Chicory root, dandelion root and licorice are a few of the combinations you might encounter, and you’ll find these teas at many grocery stores. Instant herbal “coffee” brands include Pero and Cafix, for example.

It may not be as strong as black coffee or an Americano, but you can get the effect if you make a mini-infusion. Just reduce the degree of water-to-tea ratio. Grab her a sassy new mom mug, and you’re golden.

Buy Her More Eyes

Do moms have eyes in the back of their heads? Nowadays, they have multiple eyes in the form of baby monitors and cameras. As a child ages, parents may feel awkward about spying, but during the early years, surveillance can help a mom multitask and look out for her kid — especially when they’re unsure about leaving the baby alone for the first time with a new babysitter. Cameras can help prevent injury and abuse.

Non-Toxic Castile Soap for Baby and Cleaning

With children, many moms become more concerned about toxins in products. Castile soap is gentle for babies, and moms can use it in household cleaning, as well, such as washing vegetables or in an all-purpose spray.

Castile soap is made from vegetable oil and originates in Spain, hence the name. Avocado, olive, hemp, walnut, almond or coconut may make up the base oil. Example brands of castile soap include Dr. Bronner’s, Dr. Woods and Desert Essence.

Self-Watering Planter for the Green Thumb Mama

As a mom, the little tasks go to the side as you take care of your baby. A once abundant garden may suffer, so buy her a self-watering planter to keep her herb garden growing strong.

While they won’t keep water-loving plants going by themselves, they do provide moisture to the soil from the reservoir via the wicking system, and it will save her from multiple waterings a day. Cacti and succulents won’t benefit from a self-watering planter, as these varieties need much less water to begin with.

The “I’m Totally Not” a Diaper Bag

What do you think of when you picture the typical mom? Do you see the gear and not the mom? You see her struggling with the gear.

Some moms just want function and not a weird pattern that screams “diapers live here.” Buy her a new chic and gender neutral diaper bag, such as Petunia Pickle Bottom or Skip Hop, that resembles a more traditional backpack but with all the handy pockets. You can even fill it with gear — plus a dark chocolate bar for bonus points.

Washable Multipurpose/Nursing Pads

You can make her washable multipurpose pads to clean up her nipples, makeup or other substances, or buy them in the form of bamboo nursing pads, which provide an eco-friendly and reusable option. If you make them, choose a gentle and natural fabric like cotton, and cut out and sew cute shapes such as stars or flowers.

Some moms don’t want to announce the fact that they’re pumping or carrying around a diaper bag. They want to go about their business and live their lives, too, and these 10 Christmas gifts help empower them to do just that.

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